How might we make make exercise efficiently for working adults.


My General Ideas

Our group had really good and variety ideas on last exercise we did in class. So I tried to get ideas from the last assignment. I visited other members in our team to know their problem statements on last assignment. I thought they are very helpful!

New Warm-Up Game


① Both of you must move your fists up and down three times while saying together “rock, paper, scissor.”

② Person A makes a gesture first on the third count.

Person B should see what Person A make and then, make a gesture.

*Make sure that both you don’t make a gesture on the same count.

③ Figure out if you lost.

This step is a key of this game. The winner in this game is the loser in the original rock, paper, and scissor game.

In an original rock, paper, and scissor game, Rock smashes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock. But the game I made is opposite. Our brain tends to make a rock gesture if we see scissor, to make scissors if we see paper, and to make paper if we see rock. So I made this game to break the original rock, paper, scissor rule.

Session Organization


  1. Urgan : Female/ 19(age) / college student/ not working / major : engineering

2. Wax : Female / 31(age) / graduate student / working at Forever 21 / major : economics

( Wax has similar problem states with Alice, that she needs a way to make exercising partner because she prefers to exercises with others.)

3. Lim : Female / 22(age)/ college student / working at restaurant / major : marketing

4. Jaewoo : Male / 27(age) / graduated college at this spring / working at restaurant / major : chemistry

(Jaewoo has similar problem states with Emma who needs a way to try something fun physical activities, not just running because she thinks exercising is tried. )


I tried two games for warming up. First I tried to play a game using words. On a paper, I wrote “ Once upon a time, there was a frog.” and then I asked them to write next one sentence.

We played this for 5 mins, and then moved on to the game I made. We also spent 5 mins with the game I made. Everyone had fun with two games. Moreover two games were really good to warm up our brains.


We moved to brainstorming after the games. I explained what we would do and how to do for this part. I showed my examples I did.


First — 10 minutes to come up any ideas for the theme

Second — 5 minutes to think about ideas against the theme

Third — 10 minutes to come up any ideas for the theme.

*going back to our original rules.

Final — 5 minutes at super hero inspired ideas.

  • Total idea count : 51
  • Time Elapsed : 30 minutes
  • IPM : 1.7 ideas come out per a minute as a group / 0.34 ideas come out per a minute as an individual.

Sorting and Voting

Categorizes where named “Exercising Equipment”,”Punishment”, “Gratification”, “Wearable”, “Combination of exercising and product that we used in real life”, “App”, “Encouraging”, and “After exercising”.

When voting ideas, I ask them not to vote on their own ideas. I gave 4 dot-stickers to vote their favorite.

Top Ideas

From ME, sujin


Mobile app that people can set the time for exercising. But 5 mins would add if people touch a smartphone for any reasons during the time they set.

From Me, sujin


3D exercising player shows the road view. People can change the road view. They can exercise at their home. Also there are no time or weather limited.

From ME, sujin


It is a football that makes you exercise to get a food. If you put milk and protein powder together, after playing a food ball, you can have a protein milk.

From ME,sujin


It looks like a foot bath container, but there is a foot massage at the bottom. If people work hard, sometimes the foot really hurts.So people can do both foot bath and foot massage at the same time.

From ME, sujin


It is a headphone that tells you encouragement of exercising and also it has a personal trainer mode to help you exercise more efficiently.

From Urgen


People can attach this to anything. It adds weight and everything could be turned to a dumbbell.

From Lim


It looks like a normal tumbler,but it has a places where people can put protein powder at the bottom of tumbler. People don’t have to think about how to carry protein powder anymore.

From Jaewoo


It is a dish tells you how much calories you eat. When people see the calories on dish , they would think they need to work out.

From Lim

It is a jacket which has a water pack inside of jacket. People don’t have to carry a water bottle. Also there is a straw rope/line, so people can drink water more easily.

From Wax


There is a vacuum cleaner on the bottom of shoes or home slippers, so it cleans up the spaces where people walk around a room with these shoes.


Oct 19 — Find and contact 4 people for “Session Organization”

Oct 21— Create New Warm-up Game.

Oct 22— Think and sketch my ideas for the general theme challenge.

Oct 24— Meet people and do “Session Organization” & “ Sorting and Voting”

Oct 24 — Re-sketch and scan the 10 best ideas from “Session Orgainzation”.

Oct 25 —Blog post