9/21- Create initial blog with outline & timeline

9/22-Playing and having fun before creating a mind map.

Create my mind map with a paper.

9/23- Go back and look over the mind map.

Create mind map with using the computer program.

9/24- Playing and having fun, first. After that, Brainstorm ten silly product ideas.

9/25–6 Create ten silly product ideas with drawn images (landscape view, full page, w/ title) of ideas.

9/27- Taking pictures, scanning, or others to get ready for a blog posting.

9/28- Post ideas on blog by midnight.

9/29- Do peer review on blogs.


Do Something Fun

For fun, I made a breakfast for myself and my suit-mate. I were looking for doing something fun and felt hungry. So I decided to make something to have a fun and to wake up my brain. I love to cook, especially for myself. Also I thought that having a meal would help me to get better abilities because of providing nutrients to brain.

Mind Map(image)

Mind Map(digitization)

Suggested Themes

INSURANCE — From a medical viewpoint on the average life expectancy, it is longer and longer. There are more possibilities that the old get sick often than the young. So I think that there should be an welfare for the aged, for example, an insurance.

STRESS— As society develops, people have more things to do in a day. They spend less time for themselves. Also they have less chance to take care their mental health. Many people concern about their body health, but not mental health. Therefore, I think we need to think deeply about a stress and how we can prevent from it.

ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT — We usually have a hamburger, a slice of pizza or a hotdog, which is not good for health. Moms want to serve a food which has all essential nutrient, to their children. But it is hard for college students and the others who have not enough knowledge about nutrients to make a meal with all essential nutrients. There are few place where to tell about “ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT”. I think having a good meals is one of ways to prevent from diseases. Moreover I think we need to tell people to have less a junk food and fast food.

10 Silly Ideas