Michael Husnik

- I like

I like your Suggest theme “vaccinate”. I strongly agree with your idea that people don’t care how important “vaccinate” are. Also I like your mind map that I feel like you pushed the limits of each category.

- I wish

I wish doing a mind map on paper first and move it to online when you make a mind map next time. It was hard for me to read your mind map. I really like how you branch each category, but it was difficult to follow browsing a topic in which category goes.

- What if

What if do the mind map with a paper first, and then make a well-ordered mind map by using online tool. I think doing a mind-map at a paper sometimes helps me to make a well ordered mind-map. Also what if you put and branch topics in same places at the mind map, so people can easily find topic which categories were in.

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