Preliminary Idea Evaluation
Benjamin Herda

I like how you did a market survey. You really looked a lot of products in same categorized. I also think your Benchmarking 2x2’s is well organized! You have cool graphs of Benchmarking 2x2’s. I can see that you want to go deeper and you tried your best on Benchmarking 2x2’s.

I wish you to show an average price of products in same category of products. Since they don’t know prices of product in a current market, they preferred to pick the lowest price. Also I wish you also ask about price into two question, like “how much would you pay for the product” and “how much do you think someone else would pay for the product?” Since not all of people who did your survey are not working people because our target of the products is working adults.

What if showing an average price of products in same category of products on a blog on? If you do, you will get better responses of asking how much they would pay for a product. Also asking two different question of price. It would lead to get better survey responses. I like your survey though.