j laliberte

I like how you make your products in nice image through computer work. They really look nice and speak fully what they are by themselves. Also I like that you put product’s description in your market survey. I believe it helped people understand your product more than just seeing the pictures.

I wish you to show an average price of products in same category of products. Since they don’t know prices of product in a current market, they preferred to pick the lowest price. Since it was hard to have a large group to do a survey, I wish you also ask in two different ways like “Would you use this product?” and “Do you know somebody who would use this product?”

What if showing an average price of products in same category of products on a blog on? Also asking a question of price in two ways. If you do, you will get better responses of asking how much they would pay for a product. It leads to have a better survey. I like your survey though.

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