Focus less on being right and more on experiencing life with curiosity and wonder. When you’re willing to be wrong, you open yourself up to new insights.
Confirmation bias: Why you make terrible life choices
Lakshmi Mani

This is something that legitimately holds me back a lot of the time. I make decisions on the worst case scenario which is almost always some version of me looking like a fool, or being wrong, or doing something incorrectly. I can think about the best case scenario, but I don’t necessarily go for it. I don’t necessarily think that I can reach it. So I go for some lame in-between kind of decision with the least risk.

How sad! I don’t want other people to live that why so why do I think that’s how I should live my life?

I want to live with curiosity and wonder. I want to be willing to be wrong. There are so many good things and opportunities I’ve missed just because I convince myself I’ll probably be wrong.

Sometimes I convince myself to be free of fear, but I’d love for it to be more often.

Thank you for your insights. I want to be better and this article has helped me recommit to do so.

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