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toy shops in Germany The external flash options available to you will vary greatly, depending on what kind of camera you have. For example, at the time of this shooting Nikon makes five different external flashes, not including specialty flashes for macro shooting. By comparison, Fuji makes two flashes for their X system. As discussed in the guide number movie, the main difference between flashes will be differences in power. If you give some thought to what kind of shooting you typically do, and how much range you think you’ll need, then you can pretty quickly zero in on a flash size that’s right for the type of shooting that you do. However, when you’re shopping, you’ll want to consider if you might ever want to advance to a multiple flash system.

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If so, then you might want to invest in a flash that can serve as a master to other flashes. In the future, you’ll then be able to buy less expensive slave flashes to grow your system. Or maybe you’re not sure if you’ll ever head toward multiple flashes and don’t need a flash with tremendous power.