Ayurvedic Remedies To Strengthen Immune System In Children And Adults

Immune system in the human body is something that prevents the body from different viral, fungal and bacterial attacks. It is also responsible for neutralizing and destroying the microorganisms. It will also help with cleansing the poisons that are capable of harming the body. When it is weak, the individual will be open to cold sores, herpes, flu, cold and the list goes on and on.

What causes the immune system to become weak?

Generally, it can be caused due to a wide range of reasons like those mentioned below.

1. Children and carrying moms have naturally low immunity

2. Medical conditions like low white blood cells, inflammatory bowel disease, AIDS and cancer can make immune system weak

3. Surgeries can weaken the immune system

4. Aging is stated to the important reason for this problem

5. Insufficient nutrients in the diet can cause this problem

6. Unhealthy lifestyle is another important contributor

7. Stress.

When an individual feels that he/she is affected by frequent cold, flu and infections, it is better to rely on ayurvedic remedies to strengthen immune system.

Ayurveda to boost immune system: When it comes to Ayurveda, it is stated that some herbs possess the natural ability to strengthen the immunity and let us gather details about the ayurvedic herbs that will improve immunity as per Ayurveda:

1. Ashwagandha, besides known for its ability to improve immunity can also play an important role in revitalizing energy levels. This ingredient can also slow down the process of aging.

2. Shatavari is known to be effective in addressing gastric problems and low energy complaints. It is known to be highly effective in improving reproductive health in women. It will help with improving energy levels and stamina in women.

3. Abhrak bhasma is calcined form of mica and this ayurvedic preparation is known to be an energy booster and it can protect from various upper body ailments.

4. The leaves of tulsi are known for addressing disorders like headaches, skin problems, mouth infection, sore throats and coughs. This is why the best ayurvedic remedies to strengthen immune system have tulsi as ingredient.

5. Swarna bhasma is another ayurvedic preparation that is known for its effectiveness in boosting immunity, concentration, memory and intelligence.

6. The leaves of neem are known to be highly beneficial in correcting skin problems. The tea of these leaves is known to improve digestion and it can also address constipation. Even, this herb has the ability to reduce acidity.

7. Turmeric is known to bring down inflammation, diabetes, cancer, cold, asthma and arthritis.

Not just the above-mentioned herbs, but many other immune boosting herbs are added as ingredients in ayurvedic remedies to strengthen immune system called as Imutol capsules to help with boosting immunity.

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