Ways and Means to Enhance Height

Reasonable height is the sign of good health and all of us wish the same. But the ones having short heights sometimes feel dejected and intend to increase the same to the requisite levels. Many factors including the genetic and non-genetic determine our height. HGH, i.e. the Human Growth Hormone regulates our height in a big way. Our diet, activities and environment are also responsible for our height.

How to increase height?

Persons with short heights are suggested to adhere to the following tips:

a. Yoga Asana — Physical and mental faculties can be improved with yoga that helps us to keep fit in all respects. Different postures including balancing, breathing and stretching etc related to Yoga help in providing us relaxation from tensions. One can increase his or her height to great extent with yoga that is good for our body.
b. Sports & Exercises — One should indulge in sports and exercises. They increase our appetite and help to have improved intake of nutrients that are helpful for good height. Hanging exercises, cricket, swimming, basketball, tennis, aerobics and stretching exercises are much helpful in this regard. Super stretch, car stretch, the bridge, cobra stretch, basic leg stretches, bowing down or twists etc are the exercises that must be performed regularly.
c. Healthy Diets — Fiber rich foods containing zinc, proteins, magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus are much helpful to increase one’s height in a big way. Likewise, eggs, milk, fish, carrot, chicken, oatmeal, potatoes and green vegetables should be added in the foods. Apples, peanuts, bananas, almonds and apples etc are also much useful in this regard. But use of saturated fats, carbonated drinks and excessive sugar should be avoided.
d. Abstinence from growth-inhibitors: Height increasing drugs and antibiotics may result in adverse impacts upon the users. As such they should be avoided because they make you inactive and lazy.
e. Proper posture — Keeping the head and neck in proper alignment without slouching or bending helps to increase one’s height. Sitting up straight assists to enjoy better heights.
f. Vitamin D — Intake of this vitamin is much helpful to have good heights. Sunlight is the best source for this particular vitamin. But harsh sun rays should be avoided. Early mornings or evenings are the best periods to make use of sun rays.
g. Water — Seems surprising but it is true that sufficient quantity of water is also useful to have good height. It helps to flush out toxins that in turn are good for proper digestion and metabolism.
h. Avoid smoking and drinking — These two habits may affect the height in adverse manners. One should abstain from the two.
i. Proper Sleep — Height can be maintained in good manners with sound sleep that helps for growth of hormones and regenerate tissues. One should sleep for at least seven hours a day.
j. Good meal plans — Having foods in smaller quantities after frequent intervals helps to have healthy metabolism. It is good to absorb the minerals and vitamins in positive manners that are much helpful to enjoy good health and height too.
The above simple tips can go a long way to enjoy reasonable height.

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