Friendships in College

The story of how I met my best friend in the bathroom

My friends and I think we are hilarious. But we are extremely weird. I am talking about bust out dancing in the middle of our hall way or out on the tennis courts for everyone to see.

We go to the dining hall with our hoods on and we laugh till we can’t anymore. We drive around in my friend’s huge truck, rolling by with the tunes super loud.

When I first came to college, I never would have imagined the friends I made here.We are so similar yet come from completely different worlds.

Fitting in can be a challenge, it’s what most people are afraid of when coming to college. Am I going to find friends I get along with? Am I going to be able to be myself?

Moving in I remember looking at all of the students carrying all their stuff and thinking in my head, she looks nice maybe I can be friends with her. She has a cute outfit, maybe she’ll become my new shopping buddy.

Two months into the school year and I couldn’t even tell you who those girls were.Instead I can tell you about my new best friends.

The funny thing about friends is you never know when you’ll meet them or how you’ll meet them. I met one of my good friends in the dining hall bonding over how the chocolate milk machine is broken. Now we meet all the time to do homework or grab some coffee.

I met my best friend in the bathroom. Now that might sound odd but trust me it’s really not.

Every night I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my usual nightly routine. I see a lot of girls in the bathroom. Except after about the first week of school, I kept running into this same girl in the bathroom.

We do the usual awkward bathroom talk, “Hi, how’s it going?” Awkward brushing teeth/looking at each other in the mirror. The funny is we both have loud tooth brushes you know the ones that vibrate right? So every time we brush our teeth together we can barely hear each other talking, we’ll try to make conversation but we end up laughing at each other. Except we don’t laugh at what we are saying but rather the drooling tooth paste running down our mouths as we try to brush and talk.

Cut to five bathroom trips later and we are the best of friends. How Ironic? College has so many more opportunities to meet people. You can socialize in dorms, clubs, classes, sports, study groups, parties, coffee shops, dining hall and so much more. But instead I met my best friend in the bathroom. I love when my family asks if I’ve made friends and I always responds with “Oh yes, met my best friend in the bathroom.”

Now we laugh till we cry and spend every day together. She even brings her mattress from across the hall to have sleeps overs on Saturdays.

The idea of having to make new friends is something that most college students are afraid of, although some won’t admit it I think we students all have a little anxiety. But that’s okay if you don’t let the fear stop you.

It’s okay to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, but I promise you the 20 seconds of bravery will be well worth it. Just be yourself. There are so many different people/personalities and experiences to interact with that it’s hard not to find a group of people that you just click with.

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