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Millions of people are affected by mental health issues every year. In the US, one out of five adults experience mental illness. Besides the human impact, this leads to tremendous costs in lost productivity.

With the advent of wearable devices such as smart watches, smart ear pads, sleep monitoring devices, and Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, new possibilities open up for health and wellness applications. Moreover, smartphone apps such as headspace, calm, runtastic, etc. have shown that technology may help improve people’s life and wellbeing. …

Say hello to Shortcut 6.1 😀

The New ‘Plus’ Button

Welcome the new ‘Plus’ button. We replaced the existing red button with a new, better, version of it offering three possibilities.

15 options to bring your startup through a crisis

Running a startup company is a damn hard thing. However, in times of crises it becomes a question of bare survival with any means. The Corona pandemic is a serious crisis and it will impact your startup.

During the 2008 financial crisis we were in a similar situation with our startup kooaba. Actually, when it hit, we were in a due diligence phase with a potential acquirer. They suddenly faced financial challenges themselves and drew back. We ended up running out of cash and it was impossible to raise any money as most investors stopped all activities. Moreover, we still…

For the past six months we were working hard on Shortcut 6.0. This time we pushed the limits further than ever before. We listened to our users and added amazing new features. Shortcut 6.0 introduces Sub-Folders, Notes Sharing, Tag Filter and Dark Mode.


Sub-folders allow for better notes organisation. We carefully designed the UX to make it more intuitive for users.

Your feedback is our fuel. The newest version of Shortcut adds tons of value for you.

Document Scanner (iOS only)

The biggest change in this version is the camera. We removed the recognition mode as recognition is always on for magazines (Betty Bossi, Kochen, and KURIER) and QR Codes. We also added the possibility to switch between single- and multi-image mode. This saves a lot of time if you are only taking one image at the time.

Still, the best part is the new document scanner that automatically detects document outlines and cuts out the essential.

Automatic Document Scanner for Cooking Recipes and more.

Image Cropping

If you add uncropped images from camera roll…

Introducing the sorting feature

We want to help you to find your photo notes quickly and in an easy way. Therefore, we introduced in-app search and spotlight search in Version 5.0.0. With version 5.0.3 we bring it to the next level. Say hello to the sorting feature.

Figure 1: Say hello to the sorting feature.

There are 3 ways to sort your photo notes.

  1. Sort by date created. This is the default and shows recently created first.
  2. Sort by most viewed. This puts most viewed on top and obviously.
  3. Sort by recently viewed. Recently viewed is my personal favorite. It puts recently created on top as well as the notes that are…

Making deleting notes clearer and better.

We got many emails from users about how to delete notes. In the new version 5.0.1 we made deleting notes clearer and added the possibility to restore deleted notes. Say hello to the trash bin :-)

Figure 1: Say hello to the trash bin.

Delete notes

There are now two possibilities to move notes to the trash bin.

  1. Swipe left the note you want to move to the trash bin.
  2. Select ‘move to trash’ in the menu that appears after clicking the top-right button in the notes view.

Say hello to Shortcut 5.0.0 for iPhone and iPad

Beautiful Photo Notes app for iPhone and iPad.

We have been working hard on a completely new version of Shortcut and we are all excited to present it to you.

The new Shortcut is carefully designed to answer the needs of creators and innovators. Shortcut is the place for your photo notes and visual inspirations. Collect recipes, screenshots, print articles, and everything you want to remember.

Here’s what’s new.

  • Photos
    Many users asked us this features and now it’s here. You can take pictures from anywhere and organize them using Shortcut. Take as many photos as you want. Sky’s the limit.
  • Notes
    Add notes to your photos such as…

Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos

Despite my wetsuit, I was getting cold and headed back to shore. I called my friend to tell her that I was going back, but she did not reply. Maybe she did not hear me. Suddenly I heard her calling me in alarm. I turned back to the deeper water where we were last exploring the rock formation together. And when I saw her, she was showing me a sea turtle 12 meters deep.

She dove down to the turtle and went quite close to her. She started playing with her. The turtle did not…

1'000 nautical miles against the wind

It was 11PM and darkest night at sea. Lightnings all around us lit the cloudy sky with a period of approximately 5 seconds, each followed by strong thunder. Many hits were very close to Maya. We were surrounded by apocalyptic weather, but we felt relieved.

Three hours earlier, we left Costa Rica and that entire day — Thursday, the 7th of July 2016 — was crazy. The check out lasted more than two hours for only three offices. The last office I visited was the “Capitania” in order for the port captain to sign…

Herbert Bay

Entrepreneur & Adventurer with a PhD in Computer Vision. Founder of kooaba,, Captural, 47-nord. Sailed the world from 2014–2018.

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