Git2Go for iOS Review Guide

Tim Herbig
Jan 6, 2016 · 4 min read
  • Requires: iOS 9.0
  • Price: Free with In App-Purchases
  • Website
  • App Store
  • For all press enquiries please contact:
  • Tim Herbig, Co-Maker Git2Go
  • +49 151 613 19 876
  • @herbigt

About Git2Go

Git2Go is the first app which unleashes your full development productivity from everywhere. Clone all your GitHub and Bitbucket repositories with just one tap, manage branches and easily commit changes after you’ve edited code on-the-fly — All from your iPhone and iPad!

Git2Go focusses on a seamless workflow when accessing your mobile Git environment without adding unnecessary chrome to the development experience.

Git2Go Features

Seamless Git Integration for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket & GitLab

Take all your Git accounts with you by connecting them in Git2Go. Logging in is super smooth and you’re immediately able to access all your repositories.

GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, GitLab and self-hosted GitLab EE + CE are fully supported!

While everybody can directly start cloning their public repositories, private ones require the one time Git2Go Private In App-Purchase ($9,99USD / $11,99 CAD / £ 7,99 GBP / 9,99€).

If you want to go full enterprise as well, we have a bundled ‘Git2Go Unlimited’ IAP ($14,99USD / $16,99 CAD / £ 10,99 GBP / 14,99€ ready to go for you.

A Git compatible Code Editor

Seeing your repos is nice, but the real magic starts when you can start to take immediate actions from your iOS device.

Git2Go enables you to switch into edit mode for all your files with only performing one tap. Start adding lines of code during your commute and push them immediately into the branch of your choice, rocking an impressive syntax highlighting engine supporting for JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, CSS, C#‚ C, Objective-C, Swift and HTML.

Commit History and Staging Support

Tracking progress within a repository can be hard, but the simplified history view within Git2Go makes it incredibly easy. Stay up to date and jump right in if you need to.

Future-proof for the latest iOS innovations

We share Apple’s vision of iOS devices being the future of computing. That’s why Git2Go will be a fully compatible Universal App right out of the gate and is already optimized for the upcoming iPad Pro.

This way, you’ll easily be able to procrastinate some of the more heavy mobile Git lifting to the slightly larger screen and keyboard.

Git2Go is also built to take advantage of Apple’s latest innovations. That’s why it fully supports brand new iOS 9 features like Spotlight search for cloned repositories or Slide Over and Split View.

If you’re also rocking a shiny new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you can easily preview files from your repositories using 3D Touch aka Peek and Pop.

Instantly Clone Repos from Safari

Did you ever saw that fancy hip GitHub repo being posted on Twitter, wondering what it contains and how it is structured?

Well, with our brand new Safari extension, you can immediately clone it to Git2Go and view it natively on your iOS device.

About the Makers

Piet Brauer

Piet Brauer is an iOS developer from Hamburg, Germany. While working at XING he discovered his passion for automation, streamlining processes and Open Source. When not developing Git2Go he likes taking walks and having beers in the sun.

Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig is a Product Manager from Hamburg, Germany. He’s currently with XING as a Product Owner for the Premium Membership on Mobile. When not working on side projects or blogging, he’s pretty much into burgers, coffee, podcasts and triathlon.

Useful Links

Review Guide as .pdf including high resolution images:

Git2Go Website:

Git2Go in the App Store:

Git2Go Blog:

Git2Go on Twitter:

nerdish by nature Website:

Website Piet Brauer:

Piet Brauer on Twitter:

Website Tim Herbig:

Tim Herbig on Twitter:


If you have any further questions about Git2Go please don’t hesitate to contact Tim Herbig, Co-Maker of Git2Go —

We also have a limited number of slots in our TestFlight Beta, so that you can stay up to date regarding our latest features.

Piet Brauer

St. Georgstr. 8, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

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