If you’d had 90 days left before becoming a Remote Team, what could you change?

There’s a common myth that co-located product teams perform better than distributed ones. Given the nature of today’s digital workplace, we should be challenging this assumption and letting people work how they actually want to work. Remote teams allow you to get access to the world’s brightest talent and gives your employees more flexibility to work where they want, allowing for more diverse, happy teams. However, to achieve this, we need to fundamentally rethink our tool stack AND our processes.

Fundamental issues with remote work in its current setup

At one of my former companies, when two members of our team started working remotely, we continued to run Scrum…

I’m co-hosting a webinar with Sonja Mewes, Founder of Beautiful Future, on August 8. Don’t miss it for valuable insights on how to build what matters.

Working in product development, it’s easy these days to get lost in frameworks. Whether it’s about building products or entire organizations.

And while I definitely have become more cautious about introducing new frameworks to my work the work of teams I’m leading, some combinations stuck with me.
For example the Auftragsklärung format (or: mission briefing after its inventor Stephen Bungay). But when I took over iridion at the end of last year, I was looking…

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Recently, I shared an article called ‘Why roadmaps are a waste of time’ and while I was certain that this catchy title would make for lots of interest, I wasn’t prepared. Apparently, most of the people within my bubble seem to resonate with the pain of creating time-based roadmaps a lot.

This impression was amplified when I mocked the job description for a product owner role which included…

Our first update of 2016 has been approved and it contains a bunch of very powerful and cool features, many of you have requested since we launched:

  • Plenty of you have asked for it, and we’re beyond proud to deliver it: Document Provider Extension — e.g. ‘Open from …’ in Byword, Ulysses, Texttastic etc. which lets you modify files in place!
  • ‘Copy to Git2Go’ is now available from all apps which handle files, for a seamless Git workflow on your iPhone and iPad!
  • You have a super important file stored in Transmit but somehow need to get it into the…

While Git2Go has only been available in the App Store for 66 days in 2015, Piet and I also wanted to share what we’ve accomplished so far with our vision of re-imagining mobile productivity with Git.

Git2Go is a free app and contains 3 different in-app purchases:

  • Git2Go Private: Clone and edit your private GitHub, Bitbucket and gitlab.com repositories for $9,99.
  • Git2Go Unlimited: Clone and edit your private GitHub, Bitbucket and gitlab.com repositories as well as GitHub Enterprise and GitLab CE/EE for $14,99.
  • Git2Go Unlimited — Upgrade: Upgrade from the ‘Git2Go Private’ IAP for additional GitHub Enterprise and GitLab CE/EE…

  • Requires: iOS 9.0
  • Price: Free with In App-Purchases
  • Website
  • App Store
  • For all press enquiries please contact:
  • Tim Herbig, Co-Maker Git2Go
  • git2go@nerdishbynature.com
  • +49 151 613 19 876
  • @herbigt

About Git2Go

Git2Go is the first app which unleashes your full development productivity from everywhere. Clone all your GitHub and Bitbucket repositories with just one tap, manage branches and easily commit changes after you’ve edited code on-the-fly — All from your iPhone and iPad!

Git2Go focusses on a seamless workflow when accessing your mobile Git environment without adding unnecessary chrome to the development experience.

Git2Go Features

Seamless Git Integration for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket & GitLab

With our last release of the year, we couldn’t be happier to introduce full support for gitlab.com and GitLab CE/EE.

It was the last missing external service for Git2Go and it’s the perfect upate to conclude 2015. We can’t wait to show you what’s next and have a couple of neat ideas in our heads.

We want to thank you for your great support of our mission so far and can’t wait to keep going in 2016. …

How to make ‘Swiftception’ happen on your iOS device

Apple just recently finally open-sourced Swift and the internet (or more specifically GitHub) went crazy.

While it’s certainly nice to view the repo in Safari or clone it for contributing purposes to your computer, I think it’s way nicer (and somehow crazy) to clone a Swift repo in a Swift-based application like Git2Go on iOS and continue from there.

And here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure you have our latest update (1.3) installed.
  2. Open any public Swift repository in your mobile Safari.
Swift package manager by @mxcl

3. Open the Safari action sheet from there…

Git2Go loves Bitbucket

When the work on Git2Go began, it was clear for us that it should support more services than ‘just’ GitHub. We had Bitbucket and also Gitlab on our Roadmap right from the start, but also wanted to release our 1.0 version as soon as possible.

That’s why it was no surprise to us that the no. 1 feature request post-launch was support for Bitbucket repositories. While we wanted to do release some necessary homework and obvious iOS 9/iPhone 6S support in 1.1, it was time to finally unveil our Bitbucket integration in 1.2.

So, with today’s release of our latest…

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Product Management Coach and Consultant. I‘m on a Mission to empower Product Teams to become the best version of themselves.

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