T-Shirts, Twitter and Thinking Digital 2018

I recently posted my thoughts about the t-shirt controversy that happened at my Thinking Digital conference this year. My original post was an attempt to improve a tense situation: it didn’t work out that way. In fact I made things worse — so I have removed this post and would like to make a much clearer and direct post that solely addresses the issue.

I wish to state my sincere apology that a t-shirt that was wholly inappropriate at a professional conference made it on stage. We understand no malice was meant by the wearer and none by those on and offline who pulled us up on allowing it to go onstage. Myself and my team should have dealt with the situation before it became one, but a series of misjudgements on our part meant we didn’t, and for that we are truly sorry. We take full responsibility for not addressing the situation immediately, and more tactfully.

I’ve read everyone’s comments about the tshirt making it on stage, the event that occurred shortly after, and finally my personal misjudgements in my initial blog post since the events — and I’ve learned a lot, and grown. Thank you for bearing with me.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback and taking the time to help steer us right. We pride ourselves on making Thinking Digital one of the best conferences in the UK, and hopefully the world, and will continue to improve it and engage our audiences in ways that expand all our minds.