Let’s Stop the Wealth Hoarders
Joe Brewer

Agree, Joe. Let’s do it! But how?

As I see it, we are at or near the end of a Monopoly game. A very few have most of the properties, houses and hotels.

Maybe nothing is wrong with the ‘game’ and we don’t need to make too many radical changes. However, one thing I DO know …

It is time for a RESET…

It is time to put the money back in the bank.

It is time to put the properties back in the bank.

It is time to erase all debts accumulated.

We then…

Issue new currencies. [blockchain-based distributed public ledgers] …and GIVE (yes, give!) one year’s worth to everyone.

Dissolve all global land titles and replace property taxes with ‘land use’ taxes.

Grant homes to occupants. [yes, a number of banks with collapse … and the 1% that own the shares of the banks will get hurt the most]

The next morning … we all wake up: 1) debt-free, 2) home owners, 3) equal players, and 4) using land more responsibly.

Maybe we should all vote on it! I think we might garner a majority? You think?