David and Goliath.
Santiago Siri

Santi, my friend. I believe that you and Richard actually see eye-to-eye. But first…

I grew up in a religious household; today I am an atheist. It was a long journey, but well worth it.

I have read most of Richard’s work. I have met and had a lengthy discussion with him. [He was in San Francisco for a Harvard event. My daughter had just given (a controversial) ‘atheist blessing’ as part of her high school valedictorian speech.]

I would not consider myself part of (as you describe) “Richard’s church”. But your point is well taken … because as the Internet has connected us more and more [read: educated!], facts and knowledge can now spread more efficiently. The number of people leaving religion and embracing science and reality around the world is definitely increasing.

Richard is a scientist, not a preacher. Richard is saying — as I believe you are as well!-that we all can (and should) be “good without God”. Reality is inspirational enough. Who needs fairy tales?

Where I stand — I believe that religion is one of the most destructive forces on earth. (so maybe we should not talk religion) ;-)

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