The Diabolical Secrets Of Hercule Braunze

How To Hijack The Human Psyche For Fun And Profit

“Brains aren’t designed to get results; they go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set your own directions. If you don’t, then someone else will.”

—Richard Bandler

Papa Herc was not always the friendly Renaissance Renegade that you know and love, dear Reader. As a matter of fact, I used to be rather unpleasant: before I chose the name Hercule A. Braunze (or rather, before that name chose me – long story), I was a wretched little Nihilist brimming with misanthropic resentment and relentless hateful energy. More to the point, I was a wretched little Nihilist who could see connections where others didn’t seem to see anything. Naturally, due to my philosophical temperament at the time, I squandered this power by using it to win crooked bar room bets for free drinks.

Now, I’m here to settle the score and balance the Universe. I wasted my skills, and so now the time has come to use them properly for the benefit of the forces of Good. This is Papa Herc’s abridged guide to the nasty tricks that the bad guys use to abuse your brain, as well as being the guide to how you can take them in at their own game.


“Will this contain all of your secrets, Papa Herc?”

Absolutely fucking not.

For all I know, some scoundrel could be reading this right now, planning to steal my warnings and reverse engineer them to benefit his or her own evil schemes.

This is the abridged guide, so read to the end for details if you’re desperate to get the rest of Papa’s diabolical secrets and more…


Secret #1:

An excellent writer once stated:

“If you believe that your thoughts originate inside your brain – do you also believe that television shows are made inside your television set?”

This is the core of the first secret: your mind does not just exist in your head. Your brain resides between your ears, yes, but your conscious and unconscious mind are better understood as processes that allow you to understand the world around you. Now, in a lot of ways, this is really handy: for one, it allows you to actually function in the world without going insane or braindead. But the problem is that, since your environment plays a pretty large role in the structure of your mind, a bad environment of any kind is going to screw you up badly.

I’m not just talking about rough neighbourhoods, either. I’m talking about the environments that we create for ourselves, both physically and mentally. Consider Robert Anton Wilson’s analysis of the first of Timothy Leary’s psychological circuits, focused on “Oral Bio-Survival”:

“Oh, come on, Hercule! This is crazy. It might have an effect on giraffes and geese, but humans are a hell of a lot smarter than that – you can’t be serio—”

Oh yeah, monkey boy?

Now, that got your attention.

You (and I speak mainly to the men in the audience) have been imprinted to want this. There’s something in you that knows that this means pleasure in some way, shape, or form. But the curious thing is that humans are far stranger than animals in this area: rather than just trying to mate with them outright, the general impulse of many human beings is to hide away and find relief a little closer to home (i.e. Madame Palm and her five daughters).

Now, what do you think these people use to assist with this process?


The existence of pornography acts as proof of the imprinting process, and adds an intensifying element: the more you watch porn, the more you imprint the image of the porn star as the emblem of desire in your psyche. The more you imprint porn stars, the more you need to watch porn in order to get your fix.

What happens when you watch pornography? The reward centres of your brain blast into overdrive and light up like a Christmas tree, releasing dopamine and serotonin to cause pleasure. But this starts depleting over time, to the point where the actual pleasure centre of your brain (the striatum area) begins to physically shrink in size. Pretty soon, you need to watch some pretty horrific shit to actually get that same hit of dopamine and serotonin; just like any other drug, the dosage needs to be increased over time to have the same effect, and the damage it does is far greater than the pleasure it brings.

“Okay, that’s messed up – but that’s not exactly a secret. We all know what addiction is, and we all know what it can do.”

Okay. So how can you produce the same effect in other people? How can you have a stronger effect on people than their imprinting, and how can you cause a stronger reaction in their minds than their addictions?

Think about what you could do with this knowledge. Think about the effects that you could have on their minds, their bodies, their actions, their personalities – and they would barely notice that you were the one causing the effect. People don’t think that anything controls them: in their heads, they make the decisions and they are the ones behind the steering wheel.

It doesn’t matter if they actually have control: unless it’s made painfully obvious, they will comply with orders without ever understanding that it was never their idea to begin with.

Consider the TV show Rick and Morty.

This is an exceptional case of tricking the reward centres of the brain in a less blatant way than porn: we see the show in and of itself as a break from the usual and a chance to enjoy ourselves, and thus we prime ourselves to feel pleasure when we watch it. We watch, and we are shown a strange combination of hideously depressing Nihilist philosophy and outrageous humour contained within a functional narrative – what does this do?

It activates the pleasure centres of the brain, and imprints that same Nihilistic philosophy and behaviour as part of the cause.

As for the results of this imprinting – well, besides doxxing scriptwriters and threatening workers at McDonalds, just try speaking to a diehard fan for that show for a couple of minutes and see what you find. It ain’t pretty. By combining the activation of the pleasure centres of the brain with the input of information, we lower the defences of people’s minds to the point where they can be blatantly programmed and still not fully understand that their future ideas are not truly their own.

The effect is very similar to the ‘hypnopaedia’ shown in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World:

We can take our methods to an even more potent level: the subject can remain conscious, but through altered emotional states and the activation of the reward centres of the brain, you can imprint information directly into their minds and convince them that it is the best idea they have ever produced. Imagine the combination of the emotional states of guilt, rage, and compassion driven to an overwhelming point and then combined with a strong sense of smug self-satisfaction and an overwhelming desire for self validation: what could you force people to do? What could you get people to accomplish within that sort of domain? What could you get them to attack on the grounds of it being ‘offensive’?

Secret #1: You can manufacture mental environments that will lead people to think your ideas are their own, and even addict them to new behaviours that you set.

Sounds painfully simple, but then remember that the mental environment that you can produce may well be capable of overwhelming and overwriting pre-existing mental environments (for a while, at the very least). That’s a huge advantage.

So let’s take the realm of pornography again. The porn-addicted individual has created a mental environment in which his imprinted desire for the exaggerated bodies of porn stars has combined with his reinforcement of the behaviour (i.e. masturbation) and his brain’s assessment of the situation (i.e. when you watch porn for long enough, your brain processes the event as being genuinely sexual – hence part of the reason why it becomes harder and harder to actually summon up the libido when dealing with a genuine human being) to become a serious problem. So what can we do to deal with this and help our subject get his life back?

The individual is already destabilised emotionally, but not in a way that benefits positive causal agents like yourself and I in helping them overcome their addiction. You need to therefore associate positive emotion and energy with the rejection of pornography to the point where they reach a balanced locus and then tip them into a zone of benevolent flow – from here, you can start to really build new habits. With frequently achievements that hold satisfaction and functionality in equal measure, their reward centres of the brain will be giving them regular dopamine hits and their mood will be elevating daily.

Let’s take a simpler concept that’s a little more tangible and work back from there. Find a shopping establishment of your choice and get a decent lay of the land. Memorise the uniforms that are worn in this place, and buy the closest you can get to it. Now go in, and just walk around as if you own the place. Customers will come to you. They will ask you for help. They will become convinced on sight that you are somebody who knows what is going on.

All with a simple change of clothing.

Now, you change the uniform of the shop floor assistants for a nice suit, and you’ll find that even some of the newer assistants will come to you and ask you questions. Switch all of that for a hi-vis jacket and a clipboard, and you may as well be Public Enemy Number One or God Himself (depending on the nature of the establishment and their relationship with inspectors). Your presence warps the perception of anybody around you, and if you start to play with that perception, then the psychic environment they craft begins to break down and become replaced with what you want them to see.

So how do we help our pornography addict? We start by choosing the correct face to wear. Do we lie? No. But do we shape the truths that are shown? Yes. We have to. You don’t just unleash a deluge of the truth, you control the flow and you take the pieces that are going to be the best at that time to help somebody set their life right. You must be exceptionally careful in this area to not lie outright: the truth is paramount.

The face you need to wear is that of the role model whom the Universe rewards for his virtue. The good news is that we have already covered the basics on how to actually be that person – we have Non-Aristotelian logic patterns to help us outwit demagogues and communicate the truth in the best possible way, we can navigate the worst of the world and understand how to sabotage the worst forces in the world, and we can streamline our lives to reach a state where picking up new skills far easier and everyday life is outright effortless. Now you just have to demonstrate, and show that reality rewards those who have mastery over both it and themselves. The work of Bandura explains the rest: the more the subject witnesses postive role models, the more positive their actions become.

The cumulative effect of the negative situation being made intensely clear (i.e. making the current psychic environment as inhospitable as possible), the positive role model (i.e. you, and any assistants you may have in the operation), and the repeated mental rewards set off by many small but meaningful victories (e.g. being able to clean an entire house in less than a day using D.E. and being able to enjoy the relief and freedom that it brings on a mundane level, being able to solve complex problems with Sexy Logic and earning kudos for it from peers) will all lead to the positive destabilisation of the subject’s psyche.

Now, on to the programming part…


Okay, here’s the issue.

There are actually 10 secrets in total, but the trouble is that from here on out, we enter some dangerous waters. I wish I could give them away for free, but I’m all too aware that there are some people out there who would be all too happy to just take these tricks for free and wreak havoc with them.

Furthermore, how can I be certain that you’re paying attention? We’ve gone through the core techniques, but I know damn well that you may just be flitting through these pieces and letting your life fall apart all the while.

How can I ensure you’ll get the job done?


I make you invest in your development.

Expect something very special coming soon.