9/22–9/23: Time to do something fun and then mind map as well

9/24: Time to digitize my mindmap and narrow down to what 3 themes to explore

9/25–9/28: Time to generate 10 silly ideas along with making full page sketches of the ideas

Do Something Fun

For something fun, me and my roommates watched The Do-Over on Netflix together. We did this because we haven’t really all sat down together and just have a fun night since we moved into our apartment because we’ve been busy with school and work.

Mind Map Image

Mind Map Digitization

I made my mind map directly in the web application and not on paper because I figured it would be more organized and legible. (unfortunately while making my mind map no .csv file was saved)

Suggested Themes

Three suggested themes I’m interested in exploring pertaining to health and wellbeing are: kitchen appliances, waste disposal, and showers

Kitchen Appliances: I think that kitchen appliances are a worthy subject to look more into regarding health and wellbeing because I think we can make them become more energy efficient to help save money and our environment, I also think that we can make them to help encourage a more healthy lifestyle for people.

Waste Disposal: I think that waste disposal is a worthy subject to look more into regarding health and wellbeing because I think we can make waste disposal more efficient for those in the waste disposal business and for our planet.

Showers: I think that showers are a worthy subject to look more into regarding health and wellbeing because I think we can make showers more efficient in terms of water usage, and I think that we can make them more sanitary for the consumers.

10 Silly Ideas

Pills that are in the shape of TV characters so children take their medicine, makes it more fun that a normal pill
Pillow that has speaker inside of it that plays music when pressure is applied, so you don’t have to fall asleep with headphones in
Socks that allow you to clean the floor while wearing them, that way you can multitask
Fridge that tracks your nutrition as you take items from it using smart sensors
Fit band that tracks your heart rate, sleep, steps, and what you eat automatically and is formatted in a progressive system so you can reach your goals
A basketball hoop that is attached over a garbage can so it makes throwing trash away fun, and makes you more likely to “score” if you miss
Smart glasses you wear in a gym that shows availability of equipment, bu doesn't show people that are working out so nobody feels self-conscious
Garbage can that compacts a full garbage bag into a small cube and then wraps it in a material that is leak proof and makes it hold it’s shape
Weights that are voice activated to increase/decrease weight amount depending on the situation
Dishes that are coated in thousands of micro-thin layers that peel away after use, so you don’t have to do the dishes
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