10/19–10/21: Find people to participate in the brainstorming session, find a location to go to, gather supplies for brainstorming session (markers, post-its, props, etc.)

10/22–10/24: Spend an hour generating ideas before the brainstorming session takes place, come up with new warm-up game for the brainstorming session, conduct brainstorming session with participants

10/25–10/26: Re-sketch the 10 best ideas from the brainstorming session, finalize blog post making sure everything is included (descriptions, pictures, etc.)

How Might We Statement

How might we make exercise more efficient for busy working adults

My General Ideas

I got caught up in the shenanigans of my roommates and all the commotion that they were making and them asking what I was doing, didn’t help me achieve more sketches within my hour of time allotted.

New Warm-Up Game

For my new warm-up game, I came up with Quick Hand, which is where the participants are given a piece of paper and I give them a little prompt. Then once I’m done with the prompt, they have a minute to draw whatever comes to their mind related to the story. After the minute is over they pass their piece of paper to the right and then have another minute to add on to the other person’s drawing. After 3 minutes of drawing, the participants are then asked to explain the drawings in relation to the story given.

For this, I said that there were aliens in the zoo and they had to draw them and the surrounding environment.

For another variation in Quick Hand, the participants are given a little prompt and only 30 seconds to draw before passing their paper on. Then after 2 drawing sessions, you add a twist to the prompt. And after 2 more drawing sessions, you add a different twist to the prompt. You end up doing this until the paper comes back to the original drawer, and then they have to explain the story that was drawn for them.

For this one, I said that they were supposed to draw their happy place or where they wanted to be right at this moment. Then the 3rd and 4th drawers were to draw something bad happening in the picture and then the 5th and 6th drawers were supposed to resolve the problem(s)

Session Organization

Back: Kristen, Derek, Megan Front: Mike, Justin, Vicky (left to right)

For my brainstorming session, I reached out to my cousin and asked if she wanted to participate in the session along with any friends that would be up for it. And before I knew she was down to do it and got some friends to do it too! So the group comprised of my cousin Kristen, her husband Derek, and their friends Justin and Megan, and Mike and Vicky. Kristen is part of HR for United Health Group, Derek is an engineer and entrepreneur, Justin is bank manager for Wells Fargo, Megan is financial crimes manager for Wells Fargo, Mike is a product manager for US Bank, and Vicky is a business development manager for a small business. All of whom are busy working adults who are the people we are brainstorming for.

For the actual brainstorming session, my cousin was generous enough to invite all of us over to her house. And we were able to have it happen at their kitchen table, where the session in total lasted for nearly 2 hours. We spent 20 minutes doing warm-up games, we played: word association, work non-association, Zip Zap Zop, and then Quick Hand which I came up with, 45 minutes brainstorming ideas, 20 wrapping up the ideas, organizing them, and voting, and then another 15 minutes having a general group discussion on the ideas and how everything went.

In total, the group generated 57 ideas. Which is 1.3 ideas per minute as a group or 0.22 ideas per minute per individual…which isn’t too great for an individual effort. But looking back at it, it wasn’t too bad considering there were multiple children to look after in this time period and alcohol was involved too. But there were still good ideas from the session, and in retrospect, I could have been a better facilitator to help people stay on track and more focused, and given them some more inspiration for ideas with the alternative ways we did in class.

Sorting and Voting

Post-its organized using the Post-it® Plus app

For our organizing, we came up with the categories (pink Post-its): Outdoor, Tech, Home, Office/At Work, and People/Group/Family. Once we had the ideas organized into categories we voted on them. Unfortunately, Mike and Vicky had to leave before the voting process started, but the voting process was having the group vote on the ideas that were the most creative (green dot)and the ideas that they thought they were the best (purple dot). Where they could only put one of their 4 dots given (2 green, 2 purple) on an idea, so they had to really think what ideas they thought were the most creative and the best.

From left to right the ideas that were voted on were: Ending work @4pm so there is time to exercise in the busy life of an adult, having your groceries delivered to your door based on your biometrics, cycling lanes on 35W, swim lanes across the city, a dating app that’s only available if you burn X amount of calories, socks that shock/vibrate to get you up and moving to make them stop shocking/vibrating, having PTO earned at work based on how sweaty you are when you get into work, having your TV being powered by working out, specifically when you’re watching the NFL (can be anything really), a recumbent bike popping out of your couch/chair at home so you can pedal while you watch tv, and Perfect Office Workout (Derek’s company/product) where they are 2–3 minute guided activities that you can do at your desk while at work.

Top Ideas

My idea, Mike’s idea
Viky’s idea, Kristen’s idea
My idea, Viky’s idea
Justin’s idea, Mike’s idea
Justin’s idea, Viky’s idea
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