Your Life Begins when You Begin Your Life for You

Recently I watched a movie that I don´t really know why I watched. 
I was just alone at home and forcing myself to not do anything sensible. Just to be lazy. Great thing to do once in a while…
This movie did not leave much with me, except for one sentence. Which is the title of this blog.

This sentence stuck with me. I think it applies not only to your life. But also to your career. Your community. Your environment. Your finances. Your health. And your relationships. You know the full circle of Success.

Let´s dig a bit deeper into this.
Let´s explore how you can apply this sentence to every pillar of your own 360° Success.

Your Career Begins for You, When You Begin Your Career for You.

Know what you want. Know your strengths. Use every given opportunity. Create even more opportunities. Keep learning and developing yourself. Prepare yourself for what will come. Focus on your priorities. Delegate. Have a coach. Share your knowledge. Help others. Be a mentor.Begin Your Career
Take steps that will lead you to where you want to go.

Your Community Begins for You, when You Begin it

Know what kind of community you want to live, and work in. Find ways to make your community better. To have it better support your Success. Use your strengths to support others in your community. Grow and Develop yourself in your community by connecting with others.

Your Environment Begins for You, when You Begin it

How well is your environment supporting your success, in work and life? Have you made sure to set up your environment in a way to help you to have all the success you are capable of? Your own appearance, your workspace, your private space at home etc.

Your Finances Begin for You, When You Begin Your Finances for You.

Are you managing your finances in a proactive or reactive mode? Know your finances. Know your worth. Live withing your means. Know the value of your assets. Insure your valuables in a sufficient way. Make your finances work for you. Make sure that the status of your finances are helping you. Not draining you of energy.

Your Health Begins for You, When You Begin Your Health for You.

Are you happy with your physical, mental, social and spiritual health? If yes, to congratulations. If not, I hope you are already working on it. You can do with a lot of things in your life. But if you lose your health, you lose a lot. Take full responsibility for your health. No matter if it is about your diet. Your exercises. Your sleep. Your meditation. Laughing with friends on a regular basis or other things. Just do it. Do the things you know are good for you.

Your Relationships Begin for You, When You Begin Your Relationships for You.

Think about your spouse. Your parents. Your Children. Your Siblings. Your Friends. Your Neighbors. Your coworkers. Your colleagues. Old schoolmates. Former Coworkers. Former Neighbors.
What are you doing to build and maintain good relationships with people? This is not only about staying in touch or networking. This is about giving something to others and into your relationships. Only when you give you can expect to receive. Be a good person. Be a great professional. Make people want to be in a relationship with you, whether at work or at home.

To me, Self-Leadership is the answer to all these aspects of your 360° Success.
Use it to make decisions and turn them into actions.

— -

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Originally published at on September 6, 2016.

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