Submersible Warship 2063: a JS13KGAMES 2018 postmortem

Jerome Lecomte
Feb 19 · 12 min read
Enemy submarines have entered your perimeter. Stay off their radar and fight back!

Game Ideation

Art direction

Actual Knights of Sidonia screencap. Did I rip off the style? No, I paid tribute ;p

Lessons learned

Use a build chain

Plan your music ahead

const player = new CPlayer();
player.init(/* song data */);
let loaded = 0;
while (loaded < 1) {
loaded = player.generate();
console.log(`loaded ${loaded * 100}%`);
let wave = player.createWave();


What I’d do differently

Mobile first gameplay


Asset editor

Behold the One Rock’s secret formula!

Grade 9 trigonometry

areEntitiesColliding = (r1 + r1)² > (x1 - x2)² + (y1 - y2)²
// (tx, ty) is the target’s 2D position
// (sx, sy) is the source’s 2D position
// (vx, vy) is the source’s 2D velocity vector
// alpha is angle in degrees in range [-180, 180]
alpha = (((Math.atan2(ty - sy, tx – sx) – Math.atan2(vy, vx)) * (180/Math.PI) + 180) % 360) – 180
Torpedo position & velocity, and sub position in a 2D space. Alpha is the angle we’re looking for.
atan2(vel.y, vel.x) is the angle between the torpedo’s current direction and the x-axis
atan2(tar.y — src.y, tar.x — src.x) is the angle between the line passing by the torpedo and the target, and the x-axis.
The difference between these 2 angles (modulo 2PI) is the angle we’re looking for in the range [0, 2PI]

Next steps

My favourite JS13KGAMES 2018 games

Jerome Lecomte

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Software engineer turned web developer and father of four, I create pixel art, video games and visual experiments on the Web.

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