Makers Academy — Week 10

Practice technical test

Technical tech test

Due to an emergency at home and a job interview, I was in class only 3 out of 5 days this week, so this post will be a little shorter than my usual post. This week is to prepare us to for technical tests from potential employers post graduation, and to explore what we would like to work on in the next two weeks.

Database Server challenge

We were asked to build a data server, where the requirement is provided here.

In the feedback session, it seemed like quite a few of us assumed we were building a database server for an web app despite it wasn’t mentioned in the outline. After 9 weeks of building web app, we were in a web bubble where this exercise was a good reminder for us to

Assume nothing, maintain the Open and Closed principle whilst anticipating change

Because of the assumption on where the database server was going to be used on, a few of us failed on finding the appropriate testing framework. As most of us built the server on Sinatra due to its simplicity and our familiarity with the setup, Rack was possibly the appropriate testing framework for us.

Bank tech challenge

The bank tech challenge felt like a blast from the past. It is similar to the week 2 materials, however the difference is that we tackled the challenge solo, and without any walkthrough material.

This challenge was set to get us thinking about abstraction, and a revision on the SOLID principle. Due to the time constraint, keep it DRY was something I didn’t have much time to practice on, but will keep that in mind for the RED-GREEN-REFACTOR building cycle.

Surprisingly one of the toughest thing for me was that, the program output was rather hard to achieve if I were to stick to the outline requirement. Dan our coach suggested on building a template which is something I will investigate on the weekend.

Glided Rose challenge

I missed Glided Rose challenge on Tuesday , so I spent Friday reading some of the suggested materials for Gilded Rose. I highly recommend this video to any budding developers.

Next week we will be building our final project, two more weeks before graduation!

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