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Herectus - the God of pleasure
4 min readNov 18, 2021


It was March 2021 when we met — me, the business guy with several startups behind and currently without any serious job, and Mr. Handsome. Mr.Handsome is a sex pills guy. He is a senior marketeer who worked for a number of e-commerce companies, among them also for a large sex-life products company as chief of marketing. We had a few beers and after talking about the business for a while we agreed on starting our own sex-life enhancement company.

We had a great setup — we had a successful pill formula, we knew the distribution network, we knew where to manufacture and thanks to Mr.Handsome’s experience, we knew exactly where our customers are, how to get to them, how effective each sales channel is, how to grow using alternative channels and how to expand internationally. The main things missing were the money to start and our sanity.

We split the work, so Mr.Handsome prepared a skeleton for our future marketing strategy, revisited possible affiliate contacts from the past, gathered data for ads preparation and defined buying personas. I on the other hand connected with some researchers active in this field and began reading papers written around the effects of ingredients that we planned to include in the product. And guys I have to say, there is some crazy research done in this field that I wouldn’t mind being part of (if you know what I mean). It turns out that the effects of our ingredients are very pleasant — they not only increase blood flow and make penises erect but also make your orgasms more intense, make you turn on more, increase your libido and sex performance. Basically 100% herbal pills for a special night.

We finished project preparation and began looking for venture capital. We received some crazy offers from investors (taking 30–50% of the company) as well as some rejections due to them “wanting to avoid this area of business”. Looking at them all being 50+ years old, I’d say they just wanted to look serious in front of their colleagues, but might be among our first customers. Nevertheless, at this point I have met with my friend BB. He’s a big nerd with crazy and sometimes extremely stupid ideas. And of course, he came up with one — let’s move this business into crypto!

At first, I reevaluated my life choices since I couldn’t believe what situation I found myself in. But after some thought, I came to a realization that it actually can work. People are throwing ridiculous money on meme coins without any utility and NFTs of photos of my granny jumping on the beach. Let’s bring them an actual product that they can and might want to buy with crypto, since products of this sort are intimate and crypto ensures desired anonymity. You don’t want your bank knowing you buy these (or rather our future) products. And while we’re at it, fuck it, let’s even share profits with our token holders. Let’s bind a product to a token. This is the moment Herectus was born. He came down from Olymp with his trident erected all the way and we embraced him immediately.

We started this business with our own money, we got the certification, prototypes, branding, packaging, everything…just one piece is missing — the actual product. Manufacturers ask for a minimum order of 100k pcs and for that, we would need to sell our kidneys. And we need our kidneys. Also, the launch has to be followed by a perfectly placed marketing campaign, therefore we pushed our tech. BB worked on a smart contract for our $BIGD token, which he secured as much as he could. The plan is clear — do a presale, that will allow us to launch the company and the product and then list the token on PancakeSwap. The whole team will hold only 5% tokens locked for 24 months since we really are not here for quick crypto money.

And that’s where we’re right now. If you’d like to support us, please join our telegram group or follow our Twitter and join the presale. If you are only curious about us going forward, you can do the same minus the presale. Personally, I am hyped about us selling products for crypto. Not only for the adventure aspect but also for the new challenges aspect. I will share my tips from running a company receiving crypto payments with all of you, that will decide to accept crypto payments in your companies as well.

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