One App to Rule them All

How many Credit Cards do you hold? One, Two .. Four?

& how many mobile wallets?

Then there are bank accounts & debit cards to go with them. There are food coupons, multi-currency cards and of course there is always Cash.

We all have one card for general expenses and another card which is used only for certain type of bills/expenses because it offers special discounts/tie-ups. Some payments are even made directly from your bank account because of standing instructions/ECS. Then there are transfers to own or family member’s account, to credit card & to landlord. Finally, some paytm/mobile wallet payments to cab driver, electrician and booking sites.

At the end of the month (or even at end of a day), it is not easy to make sense of all these transactions from so many different modes?

It seems like an impossible task to go & open statement of each bank account, credit card and mobile wallet and correlate all of these in your head.

Do you wish there is a Magical way to show all your transactions — no matter from which bank or card or mobile wallet — at one place?


FinArt (All Banks Money Manager) — is an android app which was envisioned to release you from the clutches of expense tracking from different sources. It is a magical tool which gives you an overview of all your expenses — be it from credit card, debit card, bank account or mobile wallet — at one place! .. without lifting a finger.

How does it do this magic? — you would ask. Well, most financial institutions and service providers send a service SMS whenever you do any transaction with them. FinArt reads these service SMS, intelligently categorizes and presents the information in a most intuitive manner.

Sit Back & Relax. Let FinArt do the heavy-lifting of tracking all expenses


Biggest pain point of holding multiple credit cards and mobile connections is to remember and pay bills on time.

The late payment and finance fees for any missed due date can lay waste all the cashback-points and offers given by the card.

FinArt solves this by automatically tracking the due dates and giving smart bill reminders — thus saving you money.

Automatic & Smart Bill Reminders

What.. Reads my SMS? … WHAT ABOUT MY PRIVACY !?!

Yes, Privacy of every urban digital user is increasingly being encroached upon. All apps or websites tend to store user information which is shared with advertisers in direct or anonymous manner. It becomes even more sensitive when this information includes user’s financial data.

FinArt maintains the highest standard of respecting privacy of user data across the FinTech industry. It provides ‘Private Mode’ feature wherein financial data does not go out of phone. It takes high integrity and commitment towards data privacy to provide such a feature.

Also FinArt is an ‘Install-and-Go’ app, that is it does not require the user to create any account based on email / phone number, which adds another layer of data security & privacy.


Saying goes that the products which appear simple and easy-to-use are actually most difficult to create. A lot of effort goes in background to make the overall experience simple for the user.

FinArt is one such app where the core engine does a lot of heavy work to make everything seamless and intuitive for the user. Every graph, plot or button is where you expect it to be. There is no need to look at a screen twice to understand what it shows.

The result is a great piece of art combined with powerful background processing. Furthermore it has machine learning engine so that the app adapts & learns with you.

Simple, Intuitive, Intelligent


FinArt (Money Manager) is available on Google App Store. Download and simplify your finances Now.

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