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So an interesting number of friends are asking what am I doing with my life?

I guess they have a point since my usual answer to that question is either:

“Surfing the wave.”


“I have no idea.”

So here I’ll try to tell ¥’all what’s going on:

  • I wake up with a smile around 7:05 AM.
  • I wake up my girlfriend, we ingest a tasty, fresh, home-made, organic, non — GMO smoothie and we leave to St. Thomas university’s library around 7:45 AM.
  • We arrive there — most of the times — @ 8:00 AM.
  • I connect my Mobile-device to the Aux in order to listen to a Podcast. Just pick the first one that comes up. They are all good.
  • I take the I-95 South, and I get to the garage where I see Geovanni @ 9:00 AM.
  • I get to Ironhack @ 9:03 AM.

What’s Ironhack, Roy?

Ironhack is the frame in which I have the chance to meet and greet inspiring people, and where I conduct my UX/UI studies.

The Building is called Building.co, and it’s appearance resembles the idea of Google, or any open-minded tech giant.

All ideas are welcomed, and we are all motivated people. Relax, & create.

< #Pictures on previous post />


IronHack provides with disruptive education.


By delivering Grade-A education through the mentorship of experts in their field. <# with experts I mean “they know their sh!7” />


My friends, {aka. classmates}, are also professionals. Inspiring & talented people, I would say. See:

So, knowing me, folks, is there something I can complain about? Certainly not. {Maybe traffic ~.~}

I have fun while I learn. I have fun while we debate ideas, concepts, designs, pain points, & solutions. I have fun, and I absorb knowledge. I understand new points of views, new angles of scope, new “ways”, new ideas. I ask a lot of questions < #sorry guys, trying to catch-up/> and I get answers.

  • Before Me noticing, 5:00PM arises on our watch, and class is over.
  • I usually stay, do some homework, some Medium, some beer; or ••
  • if I feel overheated, I just go home.

So, after that is when WE talk. After that is when I ask you for your feedback and constructive criticism.

I enjoy this. I feel blessed everyday. I wake up with a smile.

I quit those things that were pulling me back, and followed my intuition <#=❤️ />

I’m just having fun, guys, once again.

Thank you again.


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