Craps System — 14 Tips to Increase Your Edge

Majority of gambling experts differentiate ‘craps strategies’ from ‘ craps systems’. Craps strategies are considered to be suggestions for styles of play or good bankroll management. At the same time, craps system is a methodical routine that tells you exactly how to play. The aim of both are supposedly the same, they want you to make more money, but those selling a system often try to convince you that this exact method will swing the odds into your favor and let you win in the long run. Unfortunately, such a craps system simply does not exist. Craps is a negative expectation game, which means it is mathematically unbeatable in the long run, which means anyone selling a system to you is flat out lying.

Anyone telling you that you can win consistently or beat the house is just trying to trick you. There certainly is a craps system or two out there that will let you win 6 times out of 7, it’s just that the 7th time you end up losing more than your cumulative wins over the first six. There is no magic formula, and people selling systems are just trying to make a quick buck. If their system worked, they would be guarding it like gold and making a fortune playing for themselves. They would also be breaking the laws of mathematics, so more power to them if they manage that feat.

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