A big city with millions of people could not contain the fragments of my heart

No matter the time or distance it was not enough

To heal the brokenness of our fate

To fix our first encounter that summer day

I wanted to get away as far as I possibly could

From the throes and pain of your disappearing act

The way you left me on that magnificent stage without a cast

I was hoping to make it to Mars

Wishing that would make a difference, the distance, the light years apart

That somehow I would love you less

That somehow I could forget

The way you kissed me on those stairs

Your blonde wet hair

On my pillow in the night

Those blue eyes that made everything seem right

I’m standing here in this desert, thousands of miles away

Yet I find that I still love you

That time, distance, and space can’t completely eliminate

Your residue that lingers like a lost ghost inside my invisible gate

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