How to Survive Postpartum 101

If you’ve had a baby you know that the shocking realities of postpartum can be enough for you to close down the baby making factory forever. If you haven’t had a baby yet, consider yourself lucky that you've found this first. Postpartum is nothing to be played with.
Preparation is key. After birth your not going to want to run out of the house for anything. So here are a few things you will need (and why).
  • The biggest pads you can find (and I do mean this in a literal sense). The pads you might have leftover from before baby won’t cut it because the flow will be a lot heavier. Although they might come in handy when things lighten up a bit.
  • Gigantic underwear to compliment your diaper. Because a maxi pad does not fit well into “cheeky” panties, a thong or any other variation of underwear that are remotely cute. Go for the granny panties.
  • Boobie pads. Yes pads for your breast actually do exist,welcome to motherhood. Once you start breastfeeding you’ll soon realize that the other boob, the one your not using to nurse, wants to be apart of the fun too. Drip, drop, drip dripptity drop. I could basically fill up a half of a bottle with the milk that my other boob leaked. Oh and don’t worry you’ll get a ton of use out of these pads because any type of skin to skin contact with baby can also make your boobs start leaking. Oh and go to long without feeding the baby and they will also spontaneously start leaking.
  • Nipple cream! If you are going to be breastfeeding this is a must. Even if you have a great latch the skin around your nipples will still be sensitive especially with clothes rubbing up against them.
  • Nursing bras that fit. Emphasis on the “fit” part. This will probably be the first time in your life when your boobs grow and your not happy about it. I cannot even describe how uncomfortable it is to have milk-filled boobs that don’t fit into my bra. So make sure you buy a nursing bra that has a little wiggle room because when those jugs are full there likely to be at least two times bigger than normal.
  • DIY Padsicles. If you didn’t experience the ring of fire while giving birth you defintely aren’t escaping the wall of soreness that your lower half becomes. These two in one pads + ice packs will relieve some of your suffering. (HOW TO MAKE A PADSICLE)
  • A boppy. The thing that your baby can lay in. Well your baby wont need to use that right away and they just spent a whole nine months using your belly so its a fair trade off. It is actually the perfect cushion for your bum. You will be sore after birth, especially your vagina! The boppy will give you a nice cushion for your butt and leave your lady parts untouched and slightly hovering off the seat so you are not putting direct pressure onto that sore area.
  • Ice Packs. You can purchase specially made packs for your boobies. You’ll also want some that can go near your crotch. This will help with the soreness and as for your boobs there is a chance that you might get engorged. If and when that happens the ice packs are a must. They’ll releave that pain and get your milk flowing.
  • Cabbage Leaves. This goes along with the other things you’ll need for your boobs. I could honestly write a whole article on boobs after pregnancy. If you become uncomfortably engorged you can use cabbage leaves to absorb the milk. I will save you my sub-par science explanation of how it works just know that it does work! But use with caution because they have the ability to stop your milk production altogether if over used.
  • Tea. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and your not producing enough milk, don’t give up! There are many many teas that are made for nursing mothers to help them produce more milk. But be careful because you don’t want to over produce milk and get engorged! Its nice to have these on back up just in case.
So this list is getting pretty long but these are the essential essentials. Ask another mama and they may give you five more things to get but everyone’s experience is different and I believe these items are pretty helpful across the board.

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