Previously, we saw how to find places to practice sports in your area. This gives sports tech developers unique data, and lets them focus on building their product.

SportPlaces API lists 187,541 soccer spots worldwide

Since then, we added more than 1,000,000 places which is more than a 15x increase. Here are a few:

  • United States ~around 380k new places,
  • Great-Britain ~69k new places,
  • Brazil ~52k,
  • Russia ~32.4k,
  • China ~21k,
  • Turkey ~13k,
  • Chile~8k,
  • etc.

Here is a distribution of sport places in logarithmic scale:

As the largest sporting goods retailer in the world, Decathlon holds an extensive database of local sports places. This is a treasure chest for coaches, clubs, sports companies and of course for sports fans. Decathlon now makes it available to developers in its mission to make sports accessible.

With one API call, get the list of ski locations near Montreal, Canada:

Click “run” to see the locations on the map

That’s it! No registration required.

Sports Places API works with 707 sports. …

For those in the medical and healthcare field, I wrote about trends for 2017.

The article got interest so we will do the same exercise for sports and fitness technology.

Sports & Fitness is a different field from medical. We see a lot of Kickstarter projects with colourful lights claiming medical benefits, without evidence. There are teams with good software but poor hardware (e.g. AndroidWear), and teams with good hardware but poor software (e.g. Garmin).

One good thing happened in 2016 though: many companies exited from wearables. Jawbone got bankrupted, Pebble got bought out, and many brands like Asus confirmed…

Post first published on DailyHealthPoints. Follow the blog for updates

In 2016, I saw innovative and unexpected developments:

  • Drones promise to bring quickly and safely medication to villages and remote places. A company like Vayu has already deployed such drones in Madagascar. In addition to medication, the drone can bring back to a healthcare facility blood samples for testing.
  • Philips and other startups like Clarius are introducing wireless ultrasound transducers. These are transportable in a small bag and use your tablet or phone as screen. Ultrasounds are traditionally prohibitive in cost and too heavy for individual usage.
  • Virtual reality can…

2015 revealed to the entire world the tragedy of the Syrian refugee crisis. First, the endless stream of boats trying to reach a Greek Island. Second, the waves of human desperation going through the european union borders. It came with tragic stories of drownings in the Aegean sea, or refugees crammed until asphyxiation in trucks.

By opening doors and welcoming refugees, Germany and Canada, amongst others, set the example.

Before the official responses, Greek islanders organized and helped the desperate when their own government wasn’t even willing to recognize there was a crisis. …

Revival at Park Jarry, Sep 2015

The leaves change color again,
The colors so bright,
They fall one more journey to their rest.

It is said Toronto is the economic capital of Canada. Calgary is the oil money. Vancouver is linked to Asia.

And Montréal is the least understood.

For the rest of North Americans and Canadians, it’s the home of poutine and so-called “racist” French Québecers.

For the rest of Québec, it’s the home of immigrants and english Québecers. Too much english, pas assez de français.

Despite the critics, Montréal attracts a lot of newcomers every year. Many are students, musicians, aspiring filmmakers, travellers, poets…

I always hated the term “Product Manager”.

The two words makes me think of a rigid employee pushing paper for the boss and compiling check lists every day.

Was the feature #43 developed in time? Did the designer add the same amount of white space on the top and bottom? How many milliseconds does the main competitor’s homepage takes to load? What are the top 3 complaints of customers with the 2.1.3 release ?

The product manager has the answer somewhere in an Excel file or on one of the whiteboards.

This is the book-keeping part of the job, and…

Looking for fresh events? HeyMontreal wants to show you what to do in Montréal today.

This simple app answers the recurring question in family visits and Montréal exploration: “How do you find interesting new events?” Facebook lets you keep up with your interests but does not lend well to discovery. Sites like or camuz are great to find up-and-coming cultural shows but not comprehensive or fresh. I pictured instead a page where top suggestions would emerge, and if you have more time, also discuss with others.

With that in mind, the site had to be dead simple, mobile-friendly with…

In the past week, I had to explain what reddit is and what’s the story behind Ellen Pao.

The questions came from “casual” Internet users. They have never heard of the site and could not understand all the ruckus. From the outside, it seemed like the 1789 French revolution, with crowds and their pitchforks looking to decapitate the powerful.

This shouldn’t have happened. The site has lost touch with its user base and now working hard to please its big advertisers and board.

To get back the trust and grow reddit, I propose that the site develops instead three community…

An edited version of a publication on HeriPhotography

At the edge of the St-Henri neighborhood, I find an old industrial building.

By the looks, it could host a rave party.

Upstairs is a cooperative run by artists.

And the end of a corridor, marked by a red blinking arrow is Foulab, Montréal’s historically first hackerspace.


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