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Commentary by Riley Walters.

The Department of Justice announced the shutdown of “the largest criminal marketplace on the internet.”

The site, AlphaBay, was launched in 2013 after authorities shut down a similar dark web marketplace known as the “Silk Road.” According to the Justice Department, AlphaBay has been hosting over 200,000 users and at least 40,000 illicit vendors.

While these efforts may only slow the selling of illegal drugs, weapons, and other “dark” material, the announcement shows a continued effort by U.S. and international law enforcement to crack down on criminals.

On July 5, the creator of AlphaBay, Alexandre Cazes, was arrested in Thailand. The United States and Thailand were not alone in the investigation. …

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After years of ever-expanding government control and regulation, the economy dropped off a cliff in 2008.

Commentary by Edwin J. Feulner Ph.D.

“Drain the swamp!” It was the battle cry of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Many Republican members of Congress echoed that call as well, riding it to victory — and control of both legislative chambers.

The American people rallied around the cry because it reinforced their impression of what Washington had become: a swamp infested with special-interest groups and power-hungry bureaucrats.

They rallied, too, because it held the promise of getting our country back on track — by reforming the tax code, repealing Obamacare, cutting spending, and eliminating the needless red tape that stifles entrepreneurship and innovation. …

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Federal taxpayers currently cover more than $6 trillion of mortgage debt held by single families in residential housing. iStock

Commentary or Report by John L. Ligon, Senior Policy Analyst and Nobert J. Michael, Ph.D., Director, Center for Data Analysis.

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs held a hearing last week to lay out guiding principles for housing finance reform legislation.

While it is a positive development that the Senate is getting to work on housing finance, conservatives should be wary of the way things are starting out.

First, here are some basic facts.

The federal government has been getting more and more involved in housing finance since it created the Federal Farm Land Bank system during the Woodrow Wilson administration in 1916. …


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