All Americans, left, right and center want their government to protect them from foreign threats. They want their families to be safe. They don’t want to live in the fear that everything they hold precious their loved ones, their communities, their wife of life could disappear. The trust their elected officials to see this obligation is fulfilled. That trust is often given, not earned — and when our leaders fail us too many simply don’t know.

There are few dangers more devastating than a nuclear weapons attack. If the attack on 9/11 had been a nuclear detonation of equivalent force to the two airplanes and the collapse of the Twin Towers, the explosion would wiped out most of Manhattan. The cost of recovering from 9/11 was almost $400 billion. The cost of recovering from one nuclear attack on a US city might exceed the entire US economy. Even the threat of nuclear attack is enough to harm undermine US foreign policy and America’s ability to protect itself in the dangerous world in which we live.

Yet, after eight years of Obama’s stewardship of America’s nuclear deterrent and missile defenses, Americans will find they have a great deal to be concerned about. Obama has done far too little to ensure US missile defenses outpace the threat. Here is why we should worry.

  • Russian has dramatically expanded and upgraded its nuclear arsenal
  • China has invested massive efforts in hiding the extent and future plans for its nuclear weapons
  • North Korea has made dramatic progress in its missile and nuclear weapons programs.
  • Many experts, Israel and Middle East and European countries don’t believe that the Iran Deal will prevent Tehran from getting nuclear weapons
  • The danger of nuclear proliferation is ever present.

33 minutes is the maximum time it would take a nuclear-tipped missile from the farthest point of the earth to reach the US. It is also the title of our film first released in 2007 to warm Americans of the danger and what our government needed to do protect us. This new version may be America’s final warning, explaining the danger face, how rapidly threats have developed, how little Washington has done — and issuing a clarion call to get it right before it is too late.