[HB] Backward Crypto Dictionary (BCD) 497th : Change

Let’s get in to it. Change project

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Project name : Change

Token symbol: CAG​

Total suuply: 79,184,116 CAG​

Circulation: 37,109,987 CAG (46.9%)​

CMC listed: 2017.10.18​

Exchange: KuCoin

Token Type : Finance

Website: https://getchange.com/

Telegram(2.9K): https://t.me/joinchat/GWX8HkLwpOoocINbLXfRtg

Twitter(6.4K): https://twitter.com/changefinance

Facebook(15.5K): https://www.facebook.com/changefinance/

​Change was known as ‘Bank’ theme project, also known as Changebank (ICO done 2nd half 2017) The corporations are in Estonia and Singapore. So mainly Estonia project, and first target is crypto finance activation in the EU as shown in many articles.(Based on personal experience, expectation on Estonian projects are low)

Hi guys. BCD time. Today’s item is SpaceChain.

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Basic Information Based on 2019.1.31

Project name : Space chain

Token symbol: SPC​

Total suuply: 1,000,000,000,000 SPC​

Circulation: 515,923,518 (51.6%)​

CMC listed: 2018.17​

Exchange: Coin Egg, Upbit, Bittrex, HitBTC, EXX, Coinest. CPDAX

Token Type : Utility

Website: https://spacechain.com/​

Telegram: https://t.me/SpaceChainOfficial_EN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceChain

Medium: https://medium.com/@spacechain

Was writing on it, and saw CPDAX posted just a few days ago. I was a little surprised.

Hello guys. back with VC search. Today’s item is INBlockchain founded by Xiaolai Li

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​It was a hot topic that leak of a voice record talking about China’s cryptocurrency market. It

In fact, the name of the founder is higher than that of the VC itself. As an early Bitcoin investor from 2013, He always ranked first or second when talking about the crypto rich in China. There is a rumor that he own 100,000 bitcoins and 15% of entire EOS.

As Xiaolai Li is that hot,The future direction of VC is expected to be in line with Li’s direction…

Last time, we did look in to Beancash 500th ranked project as first. The Beancash, I heard of it when the market is bullish in 2017, but not for GRAFT . Let’s get in to it.

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Basic Information based on 2019.1.28

Hello guys it’s Heritageblocks. as said before, here i’m starting Backward Crypto Dictionary(BCD). today is first day starting with 500th.

The 500th is Beancash (BITB)

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Basic Information based on 2019.1.26

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Hello guys it’s Heritageblocks [HB]

Due to projects we are in charge of, was difficult to have time. So as a kind of compensation, i’m starting a new concept. Backward Crypto Dictionary. Let’s call it BCD. it doesn’t mean stop posting abt VC trend. will do together.

As many of you know, there are thousands of crypto projects. on Coinmarket cap CMC, there are 2,116 projects listed on 19th Jan 2019 as below.

Yo Hope all had nice Christmas. let’s go

Today we’re going to look at ‘MAD Network’
It’s called ‘MAD’ the impact is big. there’s a lot of projects have ‘network’ on their name and due to the ‘MAD’ the recognition seems to be high.

The project launched in 2017 and Fenbushi Capital, DCG Group invested.
At first, DCG Group remind me of the investor of Barry Silbert, but turned out the DCG and DCG Group are different one.
DCG stand for Digital Currency Group.
DCG Group has no information on what DCG is.

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Hi guys. It’s been a long time. Was busy with other blockchain project local things. sorry for update. from now on, will post more frequently. Today’s one is ‘ARPA’ the name that gives a strong impression that it is derived from ARPANET in the U.S. Department of the U.S. Department of Defense.

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Seems the project itself started last year. GBIC, Arrington XRP Capital is recognizable VC.
GBIC is an American VC with a very good portfolio may because it only reveals successful investments.
It’s interesting to invest in an Angelround with Arlington XRP Capital.

I don’t understand the basic description…

Hi guys. It’s been a while. Let’s get in to the story.

What we’re going to look at is a different story. Handshake, an investment project that has not yet been updated in the Crunchbase.

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A while ago, after we looked at the ULTRAIN, it was listed on ICO Analytics as a potential project which was happy.

But it turns out, because of the Crunchbase that show the investment details late, I sometime miss projects being reviewed but not on Crunchbase.

In that sense, as long as possible, I would like to check further If there are any projects that…

How are you guys. let go to main topic directly. Today’s item is traditional, but actively invest on crypto, if you are a crypto fan, prob heard the name

The Danhua Capital

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The Danhua Capital is founded in 2013 based on two of our founders, Professor Shoucheng Zang & Dr. Andrew Gu.
Main people seems to be Chinese. However, unlike other Chinese VCs, based in Palo Alto near San Francisco, U.S.

Heritage blocks

Korean Blockchain accelerating solution provider

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