[Crypto VC’s trend] ‘BHex’ invested by OKCoin, Huobi, Node Capital, total 5 companies

Hi guys. It’s Heritageblocks. today’s item is ‘BHex’ project. Let’s do it

It has been updated on the ‘Crunchbase’ 12th July. It’s been a while, but it seems have something so decided to search. Once you look at the crunchbase , like the 5 projects i posted yesterday, look like have nothing special.
The explanation says ‘Bhex is a blockchain company’ and done.

On the other side, the investors name is not normal
OKCoin, Huobi(not Huobi capital)are included as angel investors.

Well..it’s very suspicious. Two big exchanges put money on a same project?
Very surprised that they went in together.
But just little info available to check.

Trying random search, found their well designed web site
and realized BHex is stand for BlueHelix. also found 17 pages white paper. Even the road map is clearly written. according to it, Running platform 1.0 version now.

And you look at crunchbase, you’ll see Node Capital’s a investment called NEWS.ONE crypto medial portal. There’s a full detailed interview of BHex.


There are three more investors, including GENESIS, beside ones on Crunchbase. The Ventech China we checked on the Crunchbase was not available on the website. but through the article above, there is a sentence ‘ raised $15M from 8 institutions’ so with the 7 below, assume it is the last 8th companies invested.

First of all, it seems not just a simple exchange, but building ‘Decentralized exchange infrastructure providing platform’ built on the open sourced BHex platform.

If the ‘Orbs’ targets IaaS / PaaS positions between chain and large consumer Dapp, BHex appears to be targeting many of the exchange industries so when new exchanges start, they don’t have to go though all the system or legal issues but just use their platform.

BHT token, seems have good potential, may be difficult for individual to participate big amount.

IT technology development seems to be progressing as fast as the perceived volatility of the cryptocurrency. The time may take much shorter than time took for Deployable server-centric systems to Cloud service.

*9 key benefits of the platform
*BHex revenue model

Website : http://bhex.com/
White Paper : http://bhex.com/BHex_1.0_en.pdf

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