“This far” Andela ALC has taken me

After high school I found interest reading news, blogs and magazines, there i got to see some fascinating thing about trend of tech, then I decided I want to be a developer whose motive is to solve problems facing humanity, making dreams come through, and making the world a better place with tech skills. I became very passionate about being a developer with zero idea of what it takes to be one, I took courses online, made research but all this stuff frustrated me I almost gave up when I met Andela.

Early this year I got a mail from my brother about ALC program from Andela, I really want to appreciate the brain behind Andela “Iyin Aboyeji & Jeremy Johnson”. so today I will be sharing how far Andela Android Learning Community “ALC” has helped me to become an Android developer.

I started the ALC program early this year and the learning pattern made me serious about learning android development (Though have taken this course earlier on Udacity, but I was not very serious with it), I really love how each individual learning Is being assessed by giving out projects for each lesson completed and taking quiz online.

ALC program has taught me team-work, the concept of android development, being able to draw out algorithms on how an application should function and how to make use of documentations.

ALC has also exposed me to UI / UX designs which is a skill that is not limited to Android development, so now I can develop for android from design to full functioning application. ALC has really made me know some hidden concept in android development and also being a developer I really want to appreciate every brain behind this, thanks the world is expecting more from you.