VidCon Debrief

“He apologized to her for not having been more aware of and active in understanding the situation before the event, which resulted in her being subjected to a hostile environment that she had not signed up for.”

So .. you apologized to her, for breaking your code of conduct?

Good job, raising her beyond criticism.

People sat quietly in the audience. That is _not_ harrassment.
They are the only people who dare to question and criticise her output. Output that she frequently denies ANY REPLIES TO in form of comments, open debates — anything.

There is a very definite difference to criticism and harrassment.

I suggest many people learn that.

What Anita did, was exactly what she falsely accuses her critics of doing to her, except that she incited harrassment on a public conventions stage, pointing a finger and harrassing a person sitting quietly. 
No. This time she was not the victim and does not need to be apologized to. She is an adult. She needs to take responsibilities of an adult. 
We all do.

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