“women are weak” I wouldn’t call weak people who continue to go to events to defend their points of…
Catarina Vieira

Yes, she makes videos, she goes to conventions and speaks up. She has done so for years and gets paid QUITE well for it… She continuously asks for more money to keep talking. But you know what she will not do? Accept a reply. All comments are disabled, she blocks everyone challenging her view on twitter or has automated bots block people for her and to top it off, she will be intimidated if someone who she knows to disagree with her, sits quietly in her audience.

At which point she uses her mic and the public stage to point her finger down on them and call them names.

I call that cowardice. 
In replying criticism you already surpassed Anita in strength as it’s not something she does. You’ll be better off making your own way than following her, as she truely thinks women can’t make it in the 1st world unless the world is changed to pander to her and give her special rules, like she was given in this convention.
You think that is strenght? Think again.

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