How might we convert our vehicles temporarily so that we can work remotely and enjoy our travels?

My problem statements that lead to the How Might We statement.

Individual Idea Generation

This I divided into a few sections. I left off with the previous post needing more information about camping suppliers and to compile my notes so far and establish some problem statements.

~ Camping Research

Last weekend I headed out to Great River Bluffs State Park for a few nights with my partner and favorite adventure cohort and stopped at Cabela’s on the way out of town.


We actually ran into a guy who was traveling with all of his gear solely on his bicycle!

~ Coffee ‘n’ Download Sesh

This was a very necessary part of my brainstorming process. I met up with my old friend Ryan who, for 10+ years now has been my go-to for this sort of thing and we fell right back into our research and development mode.

We continued the Pinterest research and added a bunch more to my Camper Research Board.

Pinterest Research

I decided to compile all of my notes so far

I finished up my statements and got ready for the group session.

~ My Sketches

My sketches were done across a week in all different settings. This is really helpful for me because I’m often suddenly inspired or easily distracted. I really appreciated Jorge from the Design Consultants day and his view on idea generation and traveling all over.

Lan Case

Some from my Sketchbook…

Some from my clipboard…

Middle drawer with latches and center console on right (erased some labels whoops!)

I guess I focused mostly on drawers and beds because securing items and being able to remove that unit is really important.

Icebreaker Sesh [ New Warm-up Game]

To start off our brainstorming session we decided to go with a game sort of like Press Conference which is where you assign roles to each person then have someone come up with situation. Everyone picked a Super Hero name (because we’re nerds). All of the guys play DnD as well and I think this had a huge influence on their story haha.

Bologna Crisis: Adolph(Tony Stark) kicked it off and explained that there was a Bologna crisis and referred to Mik(The Flash) as the savior and then Mik explained how he went back in time and snatched up all the uneaten Balogna and then passed it to Ty(Spiderman) with “and thanks to Spiderman..” and so on. It was kind of like a more personal version of “yes.. and”. This went on for almost 15 minutes.

Adolph and Mik

The Group

I collected a few bits of information from each participant and what their most experience with camping or traveling was. I also asked on a scale of 1–5 (5 being a lot) what they thought their level of expertise on the topic was.

Name: Adolph 
Car: Honda Accord Coup
Title: Friendly Expert (aka retail sales consultant with Mik)
Most Experience with Topic: BWCA (3)

Name: Ty
Car: Nissan Maxima and Nissan 350z Nismo 1558/1605 (aka car nerd)
Title: Senior Research Engineer Precision Coding and Web Processing Corporate Research Lab (aka designs sweet stuff at 3M)
Most Experience with Topic: Cabin (2)

Name: Ryan
Car: Focus Hatchback 
Title: Assistant Volunteer Coordinator and Permit Overlord
Most Experience with Topic: Canoe Camping St. Croix River (5)

Name: Mik
Car: Chevy Cruze
Title: Retail Sales Consultant 
Most Experience with Topic: Air Force Temper Tent-Cots and MRE Food (2)

Name: Wesley
Car: Mazda Protege 
Title: Chicken Connoisseur 
Most Experience with Topic: -30deg Winter camping Mt. Quandary (4)

The Brains

This idea came to me while we were sorting and I was writing up their profiles. I had the guys pass around one sheet and each one had to write something different about themselves and keep passing it around the circle.

Brainstorm Sesh [Session Organization]

This lasted about 40 minutes. Everyone showed their ideas once they finished one, just like we did in class, and I taped each one up on the TV.

Mik, Ty, Wesley, Ryan, Adolph

We also listened to Kavinsky while brainstorming.

The Idea Board w/ Prompt

I also purchased one of Madesmart’s products at Marshals this week and brought it with to show the group. I asked them if they wanted to see the companies products first and as a group they decided it could be helpful, even though our topic was so far from their current product lines.

Madesmart Bins

About 30 minutes in I prompted them with extra stuff like musicians on long tours and pets and once the popcorn was low Mik ordered pizza and things drifted off.

Helpful Snacks

Ideas Generated: 35
IPM: .87

Sorting and Voting

We started with a silent sorting process, one at the table all together and then laid them out on the ground and individually sorted them into categories. We didn’t label them but they ended up getting names when we started voting which I think was a more natural process.

Adolph doing his sort
Exterior, Work/Music, Small Storage, Kitchen/Grills
Solo Category: Inflatable Everything
Bed(left), Pets(Top Right), Sinks(Low Right)

One by one they went over with 2 markers and and dotted 5 sketches each.

Orange: Most relevant to focus and company 
Purple: Most Creative

Voting Process

Top Ideas

  1. Steering Wheel Table Top
  2. Loading Ramp
  3. Tiny Kitchen Unit
  4. Clothes Hanger
  5. Thermo-Electric Cooler Console
  6. Water Collector + Shower
  7. Modular Storage Unit + Bed
  8. Hanging Storage Unit
  9. Kitchen Unit
    ~Myself, Ryan
  10. Bed Storage Unit
Table Top for Steering Wheel


Loading Ramp


Tiny Kitchen Unit


Clothes Hanger


Thermo-Electric Cooler Console


Water Collector + Shower


Modular Storage + Bed


Hanging Storage Unit


Kitchen Unit // Bed Storage Unit


Bed Storage Unit

Timeline and Outline for Blue Sky Ideation

Individual Idea Generation: 10/18–10/20

New Warm-up Game: 10/18–10/21
- Develop during solo sketch sesh

Session Organization: 10/22
- Group scheduled for 6:30pm

Sorting and Voting: 10/22–10/23
- Do this after session with group and again solo

Top Ideas: 10/22–10/25
- Sketch sketch sketchhhhhhh

Blog Update: 10/25
- Before work, dummy

Peer Evaluations: Friday 10/27/17

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