Between la abuela Hillary y el Tio Bernie

When Hillary Clinton’s campaign decided to capitalize on the character of La Abuela© it upset nietos and nietas throughout the US. But it wasn’t because of a manufactured character that was fabricated by a corporation that has exploited the land of many Latin American countries under the guise of helping their economy, otherwise known as globalization. To associate the idea of our abuelas to the abuela© of corporations and manufactured representations meant to invoke false sense of nostalgia as a means to capitalize on the $$ de los hispanos only shows the misunderstanding of what la abuela means to many latinos.

Someone believed inserting buzzwords like respeto, amor and pan dulce to create a false image of la abuela and then tried to assign that image to a white women was a good idea. But if you think for a hot minute that the idea of la abuela in our* minds is only there because of pandering from companies and because of commercialized media-made representations, you probably deserve the watered down “hispanic” version of whatever they are selling.

*I’m using our here as the collective latinx ‘ours’ -even though the collective use of latinxs is a flawed concept).

Look between la abuela Hillary y el Tio Bernie, we got problems of hispandering and it’s been like that for a while. It’s not a new concept, true but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to notice, discuss and dissect when issues like this come up.

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