Use create-react-hook CLI tool to get the boilerplate and publish your hook on npm

Are you hyped about React hooks? If not, I recommend you to watch React Today and Tomorrow and 90% Cleaner React With Hooks featuring Dan Abramov, Sophie Alpert, and Ryan Florence. It’s awesome! I remember when my buddies and I watched it on youtube, we literally clapped along with the audience. If you don’t have time to watch a lengthy conference video, head over to the docs for a short walkthrough. And get hyped! 🙌

My first hook

I know I am hyped. Last week I made my first react hook: use-typing-effect. As usual, I started by using Travis Fischer’s amazing create-react-library. After…

In this post, I visualize the colors of bootstrap and show how to customize them using CSS variables

It’s funny, that by the end of 2018 we are still not taking advantage of the benefits that CSS variables bring us. Some might say, that the time hasn’t come yet. I believe it has. Out of curiosity, I challenged myself to come up with a way to set Bootstrap’s primary color to purple using CSS variables.

First, I got the latest release from a CDN. Using a simple regular expression I parsed all color codes. There are 698 of them, 132 are unique. Below you can see all of them grouped by hue and lightness.

Bootstrap 4 colors sorted and grouped by hue and lightness

Although this visualization showed…

Refactoring: Title Preview Author Media

This is what Title Preview Author Media looks like

First time I heard about this CSS library called Tachyons was during my technical interview at Inc. 👨‍💼I said that I’m best familiar with Bootstrap, but I have also worked a little bit with Bass.css, which is similar to Tachyons, as they are both functional CSS based libraries. What is functional CSS? It’s when each class is responsible for one visual property of an element. So, instead of having a .button class, you’d have a button component, that has a bunch of functional CSS classes:

f6 link dim br1 ph3 pv2 mb2 dib white bg-purple

This is sort of…

TL;DR: it’s great, theoretically

Have you heard of HSL? It’s a colour format alternative to RGB. Unlike HEX, which is really a shorthand version of RGB, HSL is conceptually different. It stands for: 🌈 Hue, the base colour, as it is on the electromagnetic spectrum; 🖌Saturation, the amount of that colour; and 🔅Lightness, which is actually the amount of black or white colour. It’s quite intuitive, if you image yourself a painter mixing colours on a 🎨 palette.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

CSS supports this colour format. Which means, you can actually use HSL when building your website 👩‍💻

Why would you choose to use HSL?

Compared to RGB, HSL is a lot easier to…

“Two men working back-to-back outside with a brick wall background” by rawpixel on Unsplash

GitHub is an amazing text hosting service. But when it comes to being a social network, which it de facto is, it lags behind industry leaders. Based on my experience with other social networks, I composed a list of features which would make socializing on GitHub easier.

Features GitHub could borrow from Twitter

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