The Monsters Amongst Us

Herman Olivera III
Oct 1, 2018 · 3 min read
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Some people may be offended by what they are about to read , but those are the people who need a true AWAKENING to the brutal TRUTH of life in ordinary reality.

In light of all of the insensitive remarks that I witnessed casting doubt and shame on the ALLEGED victims of Judge Kavanaugh I had to share my two cents.

I have always believed that evil exists everywhere including the places people consider safe sanctuaries like churches. I went to a parochial school called Holy Name of Jesus in Stratford, CT where I was often reprimanded and sent to the principals office for wearing Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Black Sabbath etc pins on my uniform tie as my version of tie clips. It didn’t help that I would bring my skateboarding , BMX and music magazines which were controversial in the schools eyes. I’m no different now than I was in my formative years because I’m still passionate about music, art, subculture and sports activities that pump my adrenaline.

There were many times in my youth where I genuinely thought I was going to hell because I was told by the priests and nuns that if I continued to listen to my music, sketch certain images in my drawings and just continue in my rebellious ways that I was opening a gateway to Satan.

The ironic thing was the most diabolical individual they should’ve feared didn’t spit fire, bite the head off of a bat or grace an album cover.That individual was under their nose for years wearing a collar and black robe in their church. I was one of the fortunate ones who was never stalked by Father Raymond Pcolka. I wasn’t easy prey because he must have known I was an outspoken kid who always questioned authority and always spoke my mind.

Unfortunately for several male/female school mates and previous alumni they fell into his trappings. In hindsight he had all the makings of the ultimate pedophile predator. He was a well respected and loved official figure of the Roman Catholic Church and surrounding community. It would appear absurd not to like him because he was the coolest priest around.

I could go on about this subject, but I will save it for one of my books. The message I send out to all parents is TRUST NO ONE with your children especially organized religious or authoritarian figures. Listen to your children when they speak.

I’m an instrument of peace , but in this case I say no jail time. The ultimate solution is to burn all the rapists, pedophiles and predators like they burned the witches back in the day which by the way were mostly natural healers.

Once again….. No matter that someone appears to be an outstanding individual with a clean record if people come out years later claiming otherwise they should be acknowledged with a proper investigation. If the findings prove otherwise penalties should be extended out for abusing their rights.

Shame on all of you who think differently on this matter. Trauma victims have a hard enough time finding balance and peace in their lives.

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Originally published at Herman Olivera.

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