Unleash Your Inner Child


My main source of inspiration comes from observing my daughter. Children have supple minds that allow them to unleash their creative imaginations. It’s my duty to keep that special gift intact by continually encouraging and nurturing it.

Somewhere along the way most adults allow themselves to be programmed into a herd like mentality. It’s primarily driven by the FEAR of being treated differently and not being accepted. It’s a self imposed stunting of growth, never fully realizing the true potential of their human spirit.

Whether it’s art, movies, music, reality tv or social media the masses have learned to embrace and settle for mediocrity. We have succumbed to living in a copy, paste and share society.

Are you fully expressing yourself?

Do you still have a song left to be sung?

Curious minds would like to know…….connect with me!

Originally published at Herman Olivera.