You Can’t Believe Everything You Read


I came across this book the other day in a bargain bin and it made me chuckle. Don’t get me wrong I used to admire Cosby for his outstanding work and comedic genius. Seeing this book served as a serious reminder that just because someone is famous or played the perfect father on TV 📺 doesn’t make them an authority on life.

No one is PERFECT…..Everyone has insecurities and flaws. It’s part of the whole human experience.The most authentic individuals admit to this, commit to doing actual work and adding value to those around them. We are all a continuous work in progress.

Let’s just be mindful of who we seek advice and guidance from. A true advisor, coach, teacher, shaman or guru always shows you the mirror and require you to do most of the work with the steps they provide. The only way we learn anything is by actually DOING and not just reading motivational books 📚 and quotes.

Originally published at Herman Olivera.