Your First Session

6 min readJan 16, 2021


The program, one of several offered through a wellness program at your work, made you do a double take when you first read the description. A machine which is able to produce psychotropic states to rapidly develop new and improved habits has been making headlines, but what strikes you about this particular program is the description: “The nature and power of a man is primal, in his very sex lies his authority in this world. When man is disconnected from this basic function of power, he gets bogged down and lost, drained of will. But those men who know, or sense, that this power can be reclaimed come to us for the treatment.” On a whim, you make an appointment for that afternoon after work.

When you walk in, you are led to a room that looks like a doctor’s office. There’s a large black chair with a machine attached. The assistant asks you to sit in the chair. “This session,” she explains, “is set up as a first appointment, and instills all the psychic receptor feedback to guide you when you leave. You will have the chance to agree to continue or cut off treatment at the end of the first session, but if you agree, there is no way to back out later. Once the psychic receptors are active, there’s no way to stop them. The session slowly transitions you from student to master. By the end, you will know whether it is for you or not.” You nod, and the assistant moves a helmet over your head. At first everything is black and then suddenly, you find yourself standing in a hallway outside of an office door.

When you walk into the office, you see that it is simple: a warm lamp, a comfortable couch, and a desk. The doctor sits at her desk and when she turns to you, you see her — beautiful, with inviting eyes and tempting, large breasts.

She invites you to sit on the couch, and to your surprise, she sits down next to you. She speaks to you, softly, but clearly. “You know why you’re here, yes? To reclaim your vitality and your power? Deep within you, you know that you are entitled to what you need and want.” Her voice is mesmerizing.

“Tell me,” she urges gently, “tell me what you are.”

“I-I am a man.”

“And what do you deserve?” She murmurs, and suddenly you feel her hand on your back, rubbing gently. You look at her, confused, unsure of what she wants you to say.

“Tell me you deserve whatever you want,” she whispers.

“I deserve whatever I want,” you repeat. She cups your face in her hands. You can barely believe what’s happening, but you nod.

“Do you want to rest your head between my fat tits?” The language surprises you but your eyes move to her large D cup breasts and without thinking, you move to rest your head between them. You feel better, now that her tits are surrounding your face.

“Such a good boy,” she coos, “what else do you want?” You flush slightly.

“T-take of your shirt?” you ask tentatively.

“A good boy doesn’t ask. He commands,” she tells you, her eyes penetrating. You swallow and try again.

“Take off your shirt right now,” you say.

“Oh yes,” her breath catches, “just like that.” She takes her shirt off, and you see a big, black lacy bra cover her big tits. “The bra, too,” you tell her, this time it’s not as hard to say it. She immediately unhooks her bra and as her breasts jiggle free, you see her pink nipples poking out. “Look at them,” she says, “they’re for you. What are you going to do with them?” You stare and images start flooding into your head.

“Do you want to suck on them?” she asks you, “or do you want to spank them?” She watches you react. “Hmm, I think you want both, don’t you?” You nod, and she says, “then what are you waiting for? Come take what is yours.” You lean over and take a pink, hard nipple into your mouth. A great calm comes over you as you suck urgently. She rubs your back and moans softly as you suck her nipple. Then you feel her hand slip into your pants, a cool hand on your cock, rubbing you. It makes your cock jump. But that’s not all, a finger slips around and rubs your little asshole, just rubs the outside, around and around. Can you feel it, the finger circling your asshole, and the hand on your cock, insistent, never stopping? You feel so perverse, don’t you? So dirty. But it’s also safe and comfy, which only makes it dirtier, really.

She whispers in your ear, “women ignore you, don’t they? They don’t even see you. That isn’t fair, is it?” It isn’t is fair, the way they tease you. They’re denying you the comfort you’re owed.

It’s time to spank her tits, isn’t it? That would feel good. Lift your hand up and give her other tit a huge slap. Watch it jiggle back and forth as she jumps. How does that make you feel? Spank her tits again, she likes it when you take control. This is what women really want. Sometimes to suck on her sweet tits and sometimes to spank them.

Your cock needs satisfaction, doesn’t it? Do you think it’s time to look at her cunt? What do you think her pussy lips look like? Do you pull her skirt down and rip off her panties? Is she dripping for you? Can you smell her pussy? Do you want to taste it or just pound her with your cock until you cum deep inside her and leave here there, used and spent? Do you want to make her scream your name? Do you want to grab her tits while you fuck her? Can you feel the power surging through you, the control? Her cunt is very tight, it feels like a glove when you shove your hard dick in there. Is that what you’re going to do? Shove in her tight wet cunt and fuck her until you’re satisfied?

Her panties are so damp. You knew they would be, of course. Yank off those black panties, they’re in your way. Are you going to pull on her pussy lips a little bit? Run your finger up and down her slit, maybe tease her clit just to hear her mewl for you? Do you like the needy sounds she’s making?

It’s time to take what’s yours, isn’t it? Are you shoving your dick inside her tight cunt? Are you fucking her hard? Is she grunting and moaning while you take her? Your balls are swelling, aren’t they? Keep going, it’s all for you. Of course it is. Her hot wet cunt is contracting around your dick. Are you spraying ropey strands of cum into her pussy? Your cum leaking from her pussy down her leg. Look at your mark. Laying your claim.

She looks up at you, “such a good boy,” she coos, patting the cushion next to her. You sit down, and she leans over and rubs your back and strokes your hair, her breasts jiggling freely. It’s so comfy and nice, and your cum is still dripping out of her pussy down her leg. She’s taking care of you.


This program is designed to provide you with the never ending sensual experience you need to see the world as it truly is, stripped down to the fundamentals. Whether you’re sitting in meetings, or at home with your wife, or on the train, you will always be here too, getting your needs met. Would you like that? A big titted woman to suck your cock while you sit in meetings? Or to bend over your desk? Tits heaving, their pussies dripping, they’ll moan for you, and cry out your name. Then they’ll let you lie in their laps and whisper sweet nothings and take such good care of you. Other, lesser men will work for you, never knowing your secret but wishing they did. Do you want to continue the treatment?–87-in-dividends/