My university held some events with speakers, and being in the Bay Area there were many events held…
Akhila Raju

I wish I’d be fortunate enough to get a great mentor through out the journey that I hadn’t even started. Although your networking formula is something very simple; they actually worked. I’ve heard about LinkedIn a few times, and about to join it after joining my collage.

Networking is heated topic, I ‘d suggest you to have a picture of mass audience which include people whom University may not be much prestigious to witness world class Talk events or someone who can’t afford world tour in order to find his/her interest.

People are tending toward World Wide Web; obviously because this is the only platform which is boundless of community and country, where governing factor is only your ability to communicate gently.

If your suggestion of having networks promising and I interpreted it correctly, should I consider this conversation an extension of idea of networking ?

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