“The World is in great need of creators, not consumers.”


The one who creates. Just now you created an image after reading the preceding lines, that means you are a creator. I’ve created a face of anonymous who is reading this post and smiling, that’s what keep me writing all my thoughts down.

I strongly believe that I’m a creator so anyone could be; believe me, YOU are a creator.

If there are creators here and there, everywhere; why this world deprive of “creation”?


If you came so far to this paragraph it means that mine hetero-suggestion of being a CREATOR successfully found a limelight in your heart. So in case, you are seeking justification of my words ask this to yourself: WHAT DO YOU WANT IN LIFE? The favourite question of parents round the globe? (Just don’t get up till 11, you will have this at 12).

People of my category would have a lot of images associated to life goals like wealth as Bill Gates, health as Rock, love, no it’s personal, etc. What we do is mix all of them, never give a faithful reply to our self and just to avoid somebody asking this question, we used to keep a fantastic job/work we had heard of.

Just for my sake, this time act differently. Take out a paper, a pencil, draw everything you had in your mind, every single image. Now calmly try to form a relevant piece of literature and just show it to the world(use any platform you better know).

Yes, there is a world out there which is eager to hear you, you will end up finding that all of those people out there would be helping you to achieve all of your goals (thank me later), if things won’t work as I said then that’s not the end, be patience. As we all know, one way to decrease the probability of failure is by increasing our sample space, so keep working.


What our pro version will do to the same question, give it a single name which has the subtle interplay of all these conditions and is self-satisfying. That’s what I criticize, do we see dreams with limitations? NO, so why are we limiting it to conditions when it comes to manifest them in reality, just because there are only limited positions in this world which partially satisfies our all conditions, but none would please each one to the fullest.

You are not born to fill vacancies left over here and there. Take some time to think, and think hard. Yes, you can create your new identity. There may not exist any jobs like engineering in this world if the scientist of last few centuries have not been so active. You must work actively(synchronizing with the existing world) in order to create a new world of yours.

Use the PAPER PEN METHOD and forget not to SYNCHRONIZE and meet me at the end.

My inspiration for this post is the photograph(above) I clicked on Sunday night and using it on Monday, and my success is holding your attention till the end. But my reward will be finding someone of my ideology and one more function to resonate my energy.

I’m eager to say welcome in COMMENTS!