Don Mashak

Thanks for the fallow. I fallow you back. It is refreshing and amazingly good to see how we share essential Principles: have folks be free-thinkers who investigate and question everything to form their own objective opinion is the ferment of a healthy society; the basic and vigilant guardian of Checks& Balances and a True Democracy.

I was also Tea-Party member (Dayton-Oh and briefly Houston TX) before definitely opting for the OCCUPY Movement. My web explains that the Great Inspirers of both are concerned with America and the World Well-Being hugely threatened by more or less Hidden-Organizations(at least in their leading portions) who IN TURN control our so called “Elites” though most of those so called “Elites” ignore even from where the ideas they deem theirs come from. In these times of RE-COMPOSITION at these high levels (indeed since they are Spiritual; meaning guys acquainted with the World of Causes many of us ignore even though we visit it from time to time depending of the depths of our Perceptions of Objective Reality that has many levels; we mostly live in this World of Effects and leave thus to these guys unsuspected power over us, save the Good and disinterested among them, save in helping us. Thus Tea-Party real Mission was to counter the Foreseen Attack on We

The People by True Enemies who are behind the Obamacare Law whose real objective is no less than ENSLAVING us and few see it; the Tea-Party leading portion understood a tiny part, hence the focalization on tax-issues. To their (or our credit, the Obamacare appeared much more later and few NOTICE the curious LINKING with IRS. Actually an Authentic Founder having seen this real problem put a certain book at the Library of Congress to warn us.

The Occupy Movement folks didn’t have enough time to forge a real Movement and DISCOVER its real MISSION. The conscious and somewhat hidden Enemies were very harsh against it because they know the truth it carries. Part of This Truth is disseminated on my basic web:

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