Day Six
Matthew David Morris

One of the hardest things for many to accept is that the moment we buy in to Christianity as an institution, as a means of “othering”, we fundamentally betray the actual message of Jesus Himself.

We were never meant to use Him as a tool of oppression, a deadly chemotherapy to rid His body of the black, brown, butch, and broken pieces. These are the tools of empire, not the tools of love.

What is so hard for me as an LGBTQ person is that I am one of the undesirables in most any denomination I visit. The true abomination is buying into the false gospel that White Christ died to enable guns, baseball, and apple pie.

It is hard to crush the oppressor when, by our very existence in the institution, we ARE the oppressor.

True sanctuary can only be found by doing what we were meant to do all along — deny ourselves, deny the empire, and take up our cross.

Matthew- we ARE the now. As the agents of destruction, we are also the agents of change. It’s not that we are waiting on Jesus. Instead, we are really waiting for ourselves, a game we will almost certainly lose if that’s all we do with His precious gift.

Our current dilemma doesn’t mean that Jesus is not present. Or that He has abandoned us. If anything, He is showing us the hypocrisy of the false earthly kingdom and how to help Him achieve His kingdom.

Radical love, radical grace, acknowledgement of our complicity in the world’s problems, and action to solve them. That is our call.

Our existence is resistance. The words of Psalm 72 are within our reach, now more than ever.

We should love ourselves, enough to love Him and not abandon Him to the empire. We know how that turned out for Him last time.

Thank you for your brave words. I hope mine bring some solace and comfort in this trying time.

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