Postcards From Norway: Photolithography at the Turn of the 20th Century

Like postcards, these images show landscapes, architecture, street scenes, daily life and culture. The prints were sold as souvenirs and often collected in albums or framed for display.

Published mainly between the 1890s to 1910s, the prints were created in Zurich and Detroit — the images resemble photographs but are in truth ink-based photolithographs.

Grotto in Suphellebrae, Sognefjord
Tinnfossen, Telemarken
Tourist’s house, Spitzbergen
Raftsund, Lofoten, Digermulen
Loen, Kjendalskronebrae
Folgefond Glacier, Hardanger Fjord
A girl of Voss, Hardanger Fjord
Thorwaldsen Museum, Copenhagen
Kongen og Dronningen, Bispen

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