Digital Story

For my digital story I decided on option number 1 which is college, self, & community. I decided on this because I want to really learn more about myself and my community and how they both interact. I want my topic to be on first generation women of color. The main focus is on what kinds of struggles they had to face to get to where they are. I plan to gather informtion for my digital story by interviewing other first generation women of color students and asking them questions like:

What types of hardships they had to overcome? Do they speak another language and if so, which one? Have they ever experienced discrimination or sterotyping? How was their experience as a first generation women of color college student? And what’s one thing they learned from their parents that they would like to pass on to future generations?
I am so excited to learn more about others who are in the same sitituation I am and see how we all grow as a communty!