Business and Chess

In business we have to follow rules. Sometimes laws are, sometimes, simple templates. The same happens in a game of chess. There are rules about what moves I can do and what not, everything to the game logic can be developed, allowing coexistence between players and their pieces — and a deserved victory on the part of any of them.

Since childhood I played chess. I am not an expert and I have won titles as a result of this game, just some time I played it and never forget the rules of the game, or the strategic moves of this fascinating sport. Maybe you wonder what is similar between chess and business. Well, the answer is “Everything and nothing”. Nothing because chess is a game and business no, hehe. But everything because through chess we can visualize realities.

We also appreciated in this game that we have limited movements, sometimes we can’t do what we have on mind. The king is highly regulated and he can’t do any transcendent movements, it appears to be not important to win the game, but it’s really the most defended piece. (You can imagine the king as our corporate image)

For my part, one of the problems I always had to play chess is underestimating the Pawn, saw them as a piece trash, not as a piece. Even sometimes I felt that they where in the middle of my way and when I lost one Pawn my strategy did not fall, but now my point of view is different. It just did not interest me until a family friendly game between a pawn was my downfall. A small pawn contributed to tell me Checkmate.

So that when we lose the queen, see the uncertain path and we feel as we lose the game. But what about individuals? In some business are seen less, becomes more generalized, are lost and seem unimportant and replaceable. When in reality, and we see reflected in chess, is this majority that constitutes a solid base. Indeed, in the game are the ones who can be crowned as to reach the last row of the opposition, can choose another piece of broader movements and make it possible. The same applies to the individual is able to reach their full potential and develop the best version of himself in an enterprise.

In chess, the freedom is present in the game. And it is through freedom that we have the ability to create great strategies and movements, at the same time that we respect the game rules.

Our company develop the strategy of individuals that form, while they respect the rules necessary to live in peace. On the other hand, it is also important to note that all parts of the game — the individuals occupy a key space, and we have one square in society from which we can realize ourselves.

That is why the role of each of us as individuals is to accept and understand the importance of our movements in the entire company.

Accepting our “massive” superiority we can take forward our environments.

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